Why Own a Home Healthcare Franchise?

Healthcare franchise opportunities give you a recession-proof advantage.

As an Interim HealthCare home care or hospice franchise owner, you will benefit from a growing and recession-proof industry. Powerful statistics indicate phenomenal growth ahead in these sectors of our economy. A recent report predicts that the healthcare market will reach $364.69 billion by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8%. Social trends and demographics show that it’s smart to take advantage of senior home care franchise opportunities right now.
Why Own a Home Healthcare Franchise?

Growth in the Home Care Industry

People are living longer. Medical advances and innovative disease treatments are increasing life expectancy, but this means more people are living with chronic diseases or debilitating conditions requiring home care.

Our population is aging. The number of Americans aged 65 and older should reach 98 million by 2060, and their share of the total population is forecasted to rise from 15% to 30%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Seniors want to age in place. Older Americans show a strong preference for the concept of aging in place. This is augmented by a trend toward shorter hospital stays and emphasis on extended recuperation and recovery in the familiar surroundings of home.

Growth in the Hospice Industry

Demand for in-home hospice is skyrocketing. According to a recent report, in 2016, 44.6% of hospice patients received in-home care – more than those in skilled nursing and inpatient facilities and acute care hospitals. That same year, 1.43 million Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled for a total of 101 million days of hospice care.

Hospice spending is rising. Spending for hospice care was $9.5 billion in 2006, $15.1 billion in 2013 and is projected to increase to $45 billion by year 2020, according to a recent Business Wire report. End of life care at home continues to steadily rise. From 2016 to 2019, Medicare spending on hospice care is projected to grow from $18 billion to $21.6 billion.

Families value the team approach. In-home hospice involves an interdisciplinary team of specialists that manages pain, provides symptom relief and implements therapies for the terminally ill. It also includes grief counseling and chaplain services to help the family face the eventual loss of a loved one. Families appreciate the all-round physical, emotional and spiritual support of in-home hospice.

About Our Home Care Franchise Opportunities

Home Care Franchise

With the rapid growth happening in the healthcare industry, now is the perfect time to consider becoming an Interim HealthCare owner. Our recognized brand builds instant trust with prospective clients. As a franchise owner, you will satisfy seniors with the full gamut of home health services – from basic housekeeping to nurse care, from physical, occupational and speech therapy to pharmaceutical treatment and more. Our proven sales, marketing and operations support systems give you a smooth, sure start to franchise ownership.Access to our resource center tools gives you the assurance of great success. And you will soon realize why our average franchisee tenure is 18 years.


When you choose to own and operate a hospice franchise, you will have a fully licensed and certified business that bears the highly respected Interim HealthCare name. Our extensive sales, marketing and operations support systems assure you will have a strong start and operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. You will also be joining one of the fastest-growing sectors of the healthcare market. As baby boomers age, terminal diagnoses and illnesses are growing as well, creating a continual need for quality end-of-life care. A hospice care franchise is uniquely rewarding because you will help ease the physical and emotional burdens of patients and their families.
An Interim HealthCare franchise is the most sensible investment for you to make right now. Call our Franchise Development Department directly at 800-840-6568, send us a message or request information below.
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