Comprehensive Franchise Training

Regardless of your background or experience, Interim HealthCare is committed to providing you with a comprehensive training system to prepare you to manage a highly successful home care, staffing or hospice business. Our systems ensure that you will start-up properly, transition into effective day-to-day management and operations and ultimately learn how to focus on increasing sales and improving profitability as your business grows.

Our policies and procedures are tested and proven. The use of Interim HealthCare’s franchise systems help achieve many positive results, including successful operation as an integral part of the healthcare industry. Home care, healthcare staffing and hospice is one of the fastest growing segments today.

How Good Training Benefits the Franchisee

Much of franchisee success can be attributed to good training.  Interim has decades of experience in all aspects of the home care, medical staffing and hospice businesses.  Good training results in the following:
  • Increased confidence in the ability to provide exceptional care and support
  • Improved ability to overcome problems and challenges
  • Better understanding of all the components needed to operate the business
  • Awareness of the appropriate complement of employees and their skills
  • Increased sales and marketing skills
  • Understanding of what works and what doesn’t work
  • Improved operational efficiency to preserve working capital
  • Reduction in risk of missteps, waste and regulatory compliance

Interim Training System - Home Care & Staffing Franchise

As the home care and medical staffing business continues to change, so does Interim’s training resources and materials. This ensures each new Interim HealthCare franchisee has access to the most recent content available. Training takes time and commitment but Interim HealthCare has over 50 years of experience training successful franchisees and our commitment to new franchisees is part of what makes Interim the industry leader.

Our franchise system consists of five segments:

  • New Franchisee Training at Franchisor's Headquarters
  • Certified Senior Advisor Training and Certification
  • Technology System Training
  • Office Manager/Coordinator Training
  • Care Professional Training
Each franchisee completes pre-work which includes online courses, Interim HealthCare tools, templates and market research.  This helps the franchisee get ready for the five-day intensive program conducted at the Franchisor’s Headquarters offices in Sunrise, Florida. This individualized and in-depth training reviews each facet of running your home healthcare franchise. Attending training at the national Headquarters offices gives each new home care franchisee an opportunity to meet with key subject matter experts in the areas of Human Resources, Service Delivery, Marketing, Sales, Risk Management and Finance.

Following the five day training, franchisees complete post-training assignments including additional online training and one-on-one consultations with various subject matter experts.  Each new franchisee participates in weekly coaching calls to help guide him or her on the pathway to success. 
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