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Next Steps To Starting Your Elderly Care Franchise

It’s easier than you think to take the next steps to start an Interim HealthCare franchise. Many days of personal satisfaction and professional success await you!

As an elderly care franchise owner, you will be making a positive difference in the lives of many, many people. Whether you choose a home care franchise or a hospice franchise, you will be joining an expansive network of franchisees across the country – franchisees who are having a positive impact on their local communities, while making a very good living at the same time.

Here are the four easy steps to starting your elderly care franchise and joining the Interim HealthCare family.
Next Steps
Discover More About Us

Learn More About Us

We appreciate your interest in Interim HealthCare. Do you want to ascertain how perfectly an Interim HealthCare franchise matches your goals? Then it’s time to talk!
  • Explore your opportunities.
  • Evaluate open territories
  • Discuss demographics and growth potential.
  • Speak candidly with current Interim HealthCare owners.
  • Get a complete picture of our business philosophy.
There is a lot to learn about the many opportunities available to new franchisees. Make it happen by calling us by phone at 800-840-6568 for a prompt response.
Discover More About Us

Ready, Set, Apply

Our franchise application is straightforward and easy to complete.  Everything you need to know to apply is readily available to you. Whether you choose a home care or hospice franchise, we’ll help guide you through each step of the application process. Our team will review your submission and determine if additional information is required. You can expect an answer from us in less than 48 hours.
Ready, Set, Apply

Get Approved!

Once your application is approved, congratulations! We will move to have you validate your Interim HealthCare franchise opportunity with existing owners, answer any questions about the Franchise Disclosure Document, and help you gain 100% certainty on your decision to open an Interim HealthCare elderly care franchise. 
Ready, Set, Apply

Let's Meet

As your final preliminary step– and your first step toward actual elderly care franchise ownership – we invite you to visit our national headquarters in Sunrise, Florida for Discovery Day.
It’s here that your investment begins to take shape and your dreams will start to become a reality. You will complete your due diligence and meet the members of our professional franchise team. You will also receive significant introductory training to familiarize yourself with our business processes and procedures. We’ll share our deep knowledge gained through decades of experience in elderly care franchise sales, marketing, operations, training, human resources and much more. 
We will then send you the necessary agreements and territory review for signature. 
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