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Health Care Franchise FAQ's

How do I learn more about the Interim HealthCare franchise opportunity?

By visiting the Interim HealthCare website, you'll gather a lot of information about Interim HealthCare franchising and the tremendous market potential for the full spectrum of senior care and healthcare staffing services.Of course prospective franchisees can always call our franchise development department directly at 800-840-6568 to speak with an experienced team member who can walk you though our process.

What will I need financially to qualify for the award of an Interim HealthCare franchise?

An investment in an Interim HealthCare franchise providing senior care and healthcare staffing services may cost less than you think. The franchise fee is $50,000 and the start- up costs are approximately $47,000. You need working capital of approximately $100,000 so your total investment for an Interim HealthCare franchise is less than $200,000.

Am I given territorial protection for my franchise?

Yes. You will be awarded an exclusive Interim HealthCare territory under the terms of your agreement. We will provide more detail about the territory and the market for senior care and health care staffing services as you move through the franchise discovery process.

Do I receive training?

Yes, Interim HealthCare has one of the best training systems in the industry. We believe that training is a very important factor in the success of operating a senior care and health care staffing services franchise. Not only do we offer one of the most comprehensive franchise training programs at our National Headquarters and on-site at the new franchise location, we also have more than  200 free online continuing education and in-service programs for nurses, aides and other health care professionals. And, all of our training is developed by experts with decades of experience in all aspects of the home care and healthcare staffing business.

As a new Interim franchisee, what form of support will be provided?

You will be assigned to our New Franchisee Team that is made up of Interim HealthCare professionals who have decades of experience in home care operations and sales. They will guide you in how to set up your senior care business and make sure you understand how to achieve targeted sales and operational benchmarks that are part of the Interim HealthCare system. In addition, Interim has one of the most comprehensive proprietary intranet systems that provide franchisees with hundreds of sales, marketing and operational resources that are continually updated and accessible at any time.

How much can I expect to earn?

As an Interim franchisee, your earnings capability will depend on various factors - primarily the amount of time and energy you spend in your business, and federal and state regulations affecting the industry. Naturally, as in any business venture, there is no guarantee of your success or earnings capability. We do, however, give you the benefit of our franchise systems, national network, innovation and expertise provided by the Interim HealthCare franchise support team at the National Headquarters.

Is there a big market for home care services?

Absolutely! The market continues to grow. The nation's population continues to age. In 1994, approximately one in eight Americans was age 65 and older. By 2030, one in five Americans will be a senior citizen. From 1960 to 1994, the "oldest" population (persons aged 85 and over) increased by 274% compared with 100% for those 65 and over. Americans spend roughly $33 billion annually for home health care services. Home care is considered by many to be a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalizations, lengthy rehabilitation, or nursing homes.

Is home care suitable for a franchise?

Definitely. Today, franchising occurs in a multitude of industries. Its benefits have been proven over many years and Interim HealthCare was actually the very first health care franchise company. A successful health care franchise requires operating systems and processes that take years to develop. We have spent more than 40 years understanding the complexities of the business and developing franchise systems and support in the areas of franchise operations, marketing, sales, finance, training and human resources. Interim HealthCare has the most extensive knowledge and the ability to navigate through state or federal government regulations. Translating that information to our franchisees is one of the most important benefits our franchisees receive and is a vital component of operating a successful home care company.

Can I sell my franchise?

Yes. You can sell your franchise to a buyer approved by Interim HealthCare Inc.

Do you have to be a medical professional to succeed as an Interim franchisee?

No. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. Some are medical professionals but others have backgrounds in business, law, education or other professions. If you have a strong desire to become your own boss and operate your own business and the ability to select and manage professional personnel, you have a strong foundation. Our franchise system includes the hiring of a Registered Nurse on a part time basis so you have the medical support you need. Plus, you have access to the clinical team at the Interim HealthCare National Headquarters. This will be reviewed with you as part of the Interim HealthCare franchise.

Does Interim HealthCare offer financing for prospective franchisees?

No, not at this time.

Are there meetings with other Interim HealthCare franchisees?

Interim currently offers at least two national meetings where franchisees can participate in networking, business skill building and industry updates. These national meetings are extremely valuable and very well attended by franchisees.

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