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Three Important Facts Shaping Our Industry

Posted: 10/29/2019 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

If you’re interested in investing in a home healthcare franchise as a way to make your living, you should know that now might be the perfect time to do that. More and more Americans are turning to in-home healthcare as a way for seniors to live safely and comfortably in their own homes, rather than in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Interim HealthCare has been a leader in the industry for five decades, and we’re proud to offer a full spectrum of services for both in-home healthcare and hospice care. Let’s take a look at three facts that are currently shaping our industry and that will likely cause it to grow and become more in demand.

More of Us Are Living Longer

It’s a fact that more of us are living longer. Life expectancy is higher today than it ever has been, with the average American living to see his 75th birthday — and then some. Our growing aging population will mean a rise in the demand for in-home healthcare. Many older senior citizens are healthy and want to live out the rest of their lives at home. Still, while they may be able-bodied, they might need some help with house cleaning, shopping, personal hygiene, and other routine tasks. As an Interim home healthcare franchise owner, you’ll be able to offer these much-needed services, and more. More importantly, when you invest with us, you’ll be enabling older individuals to remain self-sufficient and safe in familiar surroundings, as our skilled and compassionate caregivers provide peace of mind to both clients and their families.

More of Us Will Suffer from Dementia

Unfortunately, precisely because our older population is increasing, so too are dementia rates. Within the US alone there are at least 5 million people currently living with age-related dementias, and it’s estimated that one out of every six women and one out of every ten men living past the age of 55 will develop dementia. An Interim home healthcare franchise owner can respond to this growing and vulnerable population of the elderly. Our dementia program is designed to meet the unique needs of dementia patients, helping them live safely and comfortably while providing peace of mind to their families. We believe it’s important to treat those patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, and other age-related dementias, with the utmost compassion and respect, and doing so is at the heart of our interactions with them.

Ours is the Fastest-Growing Industry

Did you know that healthcare is the fastest growing industry? Ours is a recession-proof market that’s ideal for entrepreneurs who want to live a purpose-driven life and provide valuable and much-needed services to their communities. Our time-tested business model and unmatched franchisee training and support have allowed us to grow to over 300 individually owned and operated locations in over 40 states nationwide. We offer multiple revenue streams and recognized brand name power that allows us to stand above the competition. As our franchisee, you’ll enjoy all these benefits, and so much more.

Our industry is booming and showing no signs of slowing down! Why not become a part of it today? Reach out for more information.

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