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Why Launch A Hospice Franchise Instead of Buying A Business – #1 Hospice Franchise Resource

Posted: 5/3/2022 02:38 PM by Interim Franchise

Why Launch An Interim HealthCare Hospice Franchise Instead of Buying A Business Outright

The hospice, home healthcare, and in-home medical care industries are growing. This means that there is more demand for this type of service than ever before. However, instead of buying an existing business, the Interim HealthCare Franchise System provides you with the opportunity to start a turn-key, ready-to-launch, business. Why does it make more sense to launch a new franchise vs. buying a business?

There are several key advantages to starting a new Interim HealthCare Hospice Franchise as opposed to buying an existing business:

  • You will be able to tailor your business to your needs and desires from day one.
  • You will receive greater marketing support, operational guidance, and training for a proven model that you know has a high chance of success.
  • You’ll receive instant assistance when it comes to regulatory compliance and conquering the mountains of red tape that await healthcare business owners.
  • You’ll have access to the latest technology, meaning you can hit the ground running with higher efficiency than other companies that may need to update outdated recordkeeping or software systems.

Right industry, Best Model, with Growing Demand

For those interested in launching a business of their own, the right environment can be vital. When it comes to owning your own business, you want to make sure you’re in a field where there is a constantly growing demand for your services. Hospice care is that industry.

According to a 2018 report from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), there were 1.49 million hospice patients nationwide in 2017 alone, making up 42 percent of all Medicare decedents—and that number has been increasing steadily over the past 20 years. With projections for future growth continuing to rise, now is the perfect time to get involved in this dynamic industry by opening your own hospice business with Interim HealthCare.

But why choose the franchise ownership path instead of buying a business outright?

Owning a franchise will give you access to all of the benefits associated with our proven business model (of over 57 years) —while earning guidance every step of the way. We have helped establish locations across the entire country and are showing no signs of slowing. 

And it’s not just Interim’s Franchise network that is growing, demand is exploding:

  • The $28bn hospice care industry is projected to grow by 9% through 2026.
  • A High prevalence of cancer, dementia, and respiratory, cardiovascular, and kidney diseases among the geriatric population is projected to drive the growth further.
  • Demand for in-home hospice is skyrocketing. 1.55m Medicare beneficiaries were enrolled in hospice care for one day or more in 2018, a 4% increase from the prior year.
  • The number of patients enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan within the same year that they utilized the hospice benefit rose to 36.9% in 2018.

Given the combination of Interim Hospice’s momentum, leadership, and eminence as the #1 Senior Franchise… combined with the historic demand for such services, the perfect storm has coalesced to result in the optimal time to launch your own Hospice franchise with Interim. 

It’s no secret that the hospice and home health industry is booming. It’s currently a $34 billion dollar industry, and it’s only expected to grow over the next five years.

As a multi-million dollar industry, the hospice and home health industry is booming. It’s currently a 34 billion dollar industry and it’s only expected to grow over the next five years. The reasons for this are many, but one of the biggest factors has to do with our aging population as more baby boomers reach retirement age, which means that there is an increasing number of people who will need home healthcare assistance – thus opening up more opportunities for those looking to invest in this part of the health care sector.

Specialized care

It is important to note that hospice care is a specialized service, and that not all franchises in the senior care industry provide hospice services. Hospice is an alternative to hospital care, focused on creating the best quality of life for patients who are no longer responding well to treatment. Unlike traditional services, which focus on treating illness with advanced technology, hospice focuses on creating a comfortable environment while helping patients live their remaining days to the fullest. Interim HealthCare has been in business for 57 years and leads the way as the #1 Ranked Senior Care franchise in the country. (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Franchise support

And, because there is so much at stake with a hospice franchise or other health care business, it’s wise to utilize the backing and resources of an established franchisor.

Superior franchise support is one of the major reasons that so many prospective entrepreneurs decide to utilize Interim Healthcare Franchising over buying a business. Interim offers superior training, marketing and support that is unparalleled in the healthcare business space. – as well as 24/7 resources for continuing education, FAQs, and in-depth guides designed to help maximize your success.

Just ask our franchise owners here.

As part of a franchise network, you are able to tap into Interim’s vast knowledge base and experience overnight. You receive instantaneous support traversing and cutting through the mountains of regulations and red tape that often hinder healthcare business owners.

With all of this built-in help available from day one, you choose your own level of involvement in the operations of your business. Whether you are a hands-on owner who wants to do hiring or stay involved in billing or if you want to be more like an absentee owner who manages his investment from afar, you have options as an Interim Hospice Franchisee.

Some of the key support differences that Interim offers over the competition include:

Interim HealthCare’s clinical team has more depth than any other healthcare franchise in the industry.

Our support consists of a dedicated team of hospice experts with extensive experience in operating a successful business.

Dedicated and experienced hospice consultants are available to assist you with business/finances training, operations, marketing and sales, finance, and human resources.

Interim HealthCare features an online portal with manuals, local sales and marketing collaterals, templates, toolkits, and much more.

We also feature Interim University, a 24-hour web-based learning management system that allows you and your staff to access continuing education and in-service training.

Cutting the red tape on your behalf

The Interim HealthCare hospice support team will assist you in providing care in a dynamic, regulatory-rich environment to patients experiencing an end-of-life illness. Your hospice consultant will guide you through and help you understand the regulations, policies, and procedures and ensure patient choices so that you are confident in your application with a focus on quality of care and compliance.

We provide continual regulatory updates to keep you informed of the latest developments.

  • Assistance with continuing education requirements
  • Assistance with licensure renewals
  • Assistance with state / federal oversight requirements

It’s no secret that Interim HealthCare is the truly superior franchise model in a truly historic time in history. Recession-proof with a rock-solid reputation, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll have all the advantages, support, and setup to make you successful.

If you are inspired to learn more about how you- with the help of Interim HealthCare- can take advantage of the booming demand for hospice care, serve hundreds of members of your community, and pave a new future for yourself and your family, more information can be found *HERE.* You’ll be able to look over investment, FAQs, and our proprietary downloadable guide. 

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