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Senior Care Franchise vs. Hospital Care: The Differences You Need to Know

Posted: 9/26/2019 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Opening a senior care franchise is a great way to start a business in the healthcare industry that offers in-demand services to a large demographic. It’s no wonder that seniors and their families often prefer in-home care to a hospital stay – there are many key differences between these care options. Read on to learn more about them, and the competitive advantages of investing in an Interim HealthCare franchise.

Meeting Different Needs

Seniors who are ready for a stay in a hospital or nursing home often have very specific needs. Their health likely requires them to receive regular care and around-the-clock monitoring from medical professionals. On the other hand, seniors who would benefit from in-home care likely don’t need this constant monitoring. Many seniors simply need some extra help in order to live comfortably: help with chores or errands, personal grooming, and companionship are a few examples of the types of services they most benefit from. Interim HealthCare’s senior care franchises are perfect for seniors like these. We help give families peace of mind that their loved ones are getting help with day-to-day tasks as well as regular check-ins from our qualified caregivers. Best of all, our home care services are often less expensive than a short hospital visit or stay in a nursing home, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of quality care without the hefty price tag they’d find elsewhere.

The Comforts of Home

It’s no wonder that many seniors aren’t excited at the prospect of moving from their home into a hospital or nursing home. Their home is where they’re comfortable, and oftentimes they’ve spent decades there. A hospital or nursing home feels unfamiliar and clinical by comparison. The thought of leaving a familiar neighborhood for an entirely new community is intimidating to seniors and their families alike. 

On the other hand, many families worry about their senior relatives being left alone in their homes. There are many potential hazards for seniors in every home, and there’s a real risk that a slip or fall could leave them immobilized for days. Similarly, families worry that without regular check-ins, their loved one could suffer a stroke or heart attack with no one around to get help. Seniors and their families alike find peace of mind knowing that our senior care franchises provide them with regular check-ins and help with household activities that might be difficult or even dangerous for seniors on their own. Our franchisees allow seniors to enjoy the best of both words: the comfort of their own home with the assistance of professionals. 

Flexibility of a Senior Care Franchise

A final key difference to keep in mind if the flexibility senior care franchises like Interim HealthCare provide. A key driver of costs for nursing homes and hospitals is that they provide round-the-clock care. However, some seniors simply don’t need this level of monitoring. Interim HealthCare works with our clients to develop a customized care plan that provides them with all the services they need, and nothing they don’t. 

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