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What Sets Us Apart in the Home Healthcare Industry

Posted: 6/18/2021 04:55 PM by Interim Franchise

The $281 billion home healthcare industry has been growing for years as the demand for flexible elder care has increased. Businesses like Interim HealthCare provide families with peace of mind that their loved ones are getting the day-to-day assistance they need. Interim HealthCare stands out from other senior home care businesses for many reasons. And we’re not just prominent among clients: franchisees can see the difference, too.

Here, learn how Interim HealthCare outmatches the competition in the home healthcare industry.

Clients Love Our Flexibility

Our clients are drawn to senior home care because they want to retain their independence and stay living in the homes they cherish. We know that every client we serve will have different needs, whether it’s a little bit of help with shopping and cooking or assistance with bathing and hygiene.

Clients and their families value Interim HealthCare’s expertise in establishing a custom plan that meets their unique needs. We’re able to set up payments that allow them to leverage private insurance, Medicare, and other programs. But most of all, they love that all of our care providers are fully licensed and trained to high standards. They can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands.

A Time-Tested Program

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is one of the oldest players in the home healthcare industry. That means we have had more than 50 years to fine-tune our system and know the best ways to provide excellent care while running a business efficiently.

While our program is highly effective and comes with plenty of built-in perks (like ongoing training and marketing support), we’re an especially adaptable brand and can think on our feet quickly when the unexpected happens. That’s why we’ve weathered numerous economic crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple Revenue Streams

We further stand out in the home healthcare industry because our franchisees can leverage multiple revenue streams. They’re able to offer services like:

  • Home healthcare, to care for elderly clients living at home
  • Staffing, to help businesses like retirement communities and medical clinics get the coverage they need
  • Hospice care, to care for patients who are nearing the end of their lives

As a result, they can work with a large pool of potential customers and provide a wide range of in-demand services. You can count on the Interim HealthCare team to continue evaluating industry trends so you can be sure you’re providing the quality care that your community needs.

These are just a few examples of our competitive advantages. Contact Interim HealthCare today to learn more about how we stand out from other franchises in the home healthcare industry.

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