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4 Ways Interim Stands Out from Other Home Care Franchise Opportunities

Posted: 6/27/2019 12:56 PM by Interim Franchise

Are you thinking of breaking into the healthcare field? There are plenty of home care franchise opportunities to choose from, but Interim HealthCare stands out from the rest. Our years of experience in the industry have led us to develop a highly-effective business model accessible to franchisees from a range of backgrounds. And the support we offer our franchisees is unparalleled in the business. Below you’ll find a few key reasons why we stand out from other home care franchise opportunities.

Our Longevity Speaks for Itself

Interim HealthCare has been in business since 1966. In that time, we’ve helped countless families achieve peace of mind by providing our clients with quality home care. We’ve been in business for so long for many reasons, but the core values that guide us in all our interactions are an important factor. We treat our clients and franchisees with respect, and never lose sight of the importance of our everyday responsibilities. Our years of experience in the industry have also led us to develop a highly-effective business model, allowing our franchisees to seamlessly manage their operations.

Unrivaled Training and Support

We know that investing in a new business is a big decision, and we want our franchisees to start their new business with confidence. We stand out from other home care franchise opportunities because not only do we provide franchisees with initial training, we work with them throughout the process of opening and growing their business. Site selection guidance, dedicated business consulting, and comprehensive online portals for ongoing training are just a few of the many support resources we offer our franchisees.

Room for Growth

When you invest in an Interim HealthCare franchise, there are a number of ways you can grow your business. We’re famous for our home care services, but we also give investors the option to open a hospice franchise. Providing home care and hospice services is a great way to diversify your revenue streams and increase the number of prospective clients in your area. We also always encourage our franchisees to consider purchasing multiple locations. If you’ve found that your existing Interim HealthCare franchise is performing well, we make it simple for you to open a second, third, or fourth. These opportunities for growth differentiate us from other home care franchise opportunities.

A Comprehensive Initial Investment

Unexpected costs are never a pleasant surprise, but unfortunately they’re fairly common when starting a new business. Our decades of experience opening new locations has helped us develop a comprehensive investment breakdown, giving prospective investors a detailed estimation of what they should expect to spend. Best of all, our well-established relationships with preferred vendors help our franchisees to get what they need for fair prices.

These are just a few of the reasons why Interim HealthCare stands out among home care franchise opportunities. To learn more about becoming a franchisee, contact us today.

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