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We Provide Full Franchise Training and Support at Interim HealthCare University

Posted: 9/15/2021 05:12 PM by Interim Franchise

At Interim HealthCare, we know that running a successful in-home care franchise is only possible with comprehensive training and ongoing support. Our Interim HealthCare University is designed to do just that by preparing all of our owners, regardless of their background or experience, to become successful caregiving professionals and provides them with ongoing professional training and support throughout the life of their business journey.

The Benefits of our Franchise Training and Support

Interim HealthCare has more than 50 years of experience helping our owners create and sustain a thriving in-home care franchise for years to come. At Interim HealthCare University, franchisees gain the benefits that can only come with our high-standard training, including:

  • Self-assurance and trust in their ability to deliver excellent care and support for others
  • A firm grasp of all the components they’ll need to run a lucrative and top-quality in-home care franchise
  • The sales and marketing skills that are proven most effective for professionals in the home care industry

The Interim HealthCare University Training Experience

Every new franchisee undergoes a preliminary preparation program that includes online classes and an introduction to the tools, templates, and market research utilized by Interim HealthCare owners. This preparatory program prepares our new owner partners for the five-day intensive program at our headquarters in Sunrise, Florida. Here they’ll receive a thorough education on how to build and run their business and will meet with our staff in the human resources, service delivery, marketing, sales, risk management, and finance departments to gain further expertise.

Upon conclusion of the five-day intensive, new owners complete post-training assignments online and further consultations with our in-house network of experts. And, once they’ve opened their doors, new franchisees participate in weekly coaching calls to make sure they hit the ground running.

Ongoing Professional Development at Interim HealthCare U

Our franchise owners have access to a full array of ongoing professional support and development programs at Interim HealthCare University, including access to:

  • all of our proprietary courses
  • more than 350 clinical and non-clinal free online courses
  • our online portal that’s filled with hundreds of resources, including manuals, local marketing collateral materials, templates, and more.

We also regularly send up-to-date learning guides to franchisees to help them keep pace with the latest in industry news and developments, as well as best practices.

At Interim HealthCare, we understand that owning a healthcare franchise is a considerable endeavor that should never be undertaken alone. That’s why we’re committed to giving franchisees the very best training and support in the industry.

Want to know more about Interim HealthCare University and the kind of franchise training and support we provide to our franchisees? Contact us today!

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