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Breaking Down the Investment in a Hospice Care Franchise

Posted: 2/13/2020 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Interim HealthCare’s hospice franchise costs cover just about everything it takes to open a hospice business. A hospice is distinct from a home care franchise because hospice care is what people turn to when they’re focused on living comfortably toward the end of their lives. While hospice care is often seen as a gloomy subject, we see it as a valuable service that greatly improves the lives of our clients and their families. They turn to Interim HealthCare to provide a safe, comforting, and peaceful environment, and that gives us great pride. As you can imagine, the requirements for building a trusted and successful hospice are somewhat different than those of a home care franchise. Here, we’ll review a few of those hospice franchise costs and what it takes to invest.

What are the Hospice Franchise Costs?

The total cost to open an Interim HealthCare Hospice should run between $389,250 and $477,000. This figure includes just about everything it takes to get a new hospice up and running including…

  • Furnishings for your clients
  • An initial marketing campaign
  • The necessary equipment to keep your clients safe
  • Computer systems
  • …and much more

We’ve been in this business for decades and have developed a comprehensive investment breakdown, so you can rest assured that you’re less likely to be surprised by unexpected costs.

This investment also covers your initial franchise fee of $60,000. This fee helps to offset some of the costs associated with your onboarding, and grants you access to our brand name, business model, and comprehensive initial training program.

How Much Do I Need to Get Started?

The figure above includes $297,000-$348,500 of working capital. These assets will be especially useful in the early months of your business while you’re still establishing a customer base. While it would be ideal for our franchisees to come into the investment with this amount of capital ready to go, we support them in seeking to access it through SBA loans or other financing.

How Will I Leverage My Investment?

Interim wants to help you leverage these hospice franchise costs into a thriving new business, and we work hard to facilitate that growth. Not only will we provide you with a breakdown of everything you’ll need to get your new business up and running, we’ll work with you throughout the process of opening your hospice, finding a customer base, hitting growth targets, and so forth. One of the best parts of partnering with a franchise like ours is that you never need to worry about going it alone. While independent investors put up capital and figure out for themselves how to grow their business, our experience and guidance are invaluable assets. You can count on us to help you make the most of these hospice franchise costs.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to get more details on what’s included when you invest in an Interim HealthCare franchise.

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