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3 Trends in the Home Healthcare and Hospice Industry

Posted: 6/9/2021 08:28 PM by Interim Franchise

2020 brought lots of changes to the home healthcare industry, and the hospice industry was no exception. Technology has become more important than ever, and healthcare professionals have had to rethink the ways we deliver care to keep our clients safe. Here, learn about a few of the healthcare trends that are shaping the way we do business in 2021 and beyond.

#1. Telehealth Services

Hospice News reports that telehealth technology is a key trend in the hospice industry:

Telehealth will be a cornerstone of future healthcare policy following the COVID-19 pandemic, with Medicare Advantage plans as one engine for growth. Expansion of telehealth services across the health care continuum accelerated rapidly due to efforts to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. These developments will likely shape health care for years to come including for hospice and palliative care providers.

There are lots of ways telehealth services fit into hospice care. It’s a valuable tool that our franchisees can utilize to create a custom care plan that best meets the needs of clients and their families. In the hospice setting, telehealth services are a great way for especially vulnerable people to receive healthcare in a more comfortable way. As telehealth technology advances, we look forward to continuing to integrate it into our franchises.

#2. The Rise of Home Care Franchises

Interim HealthCare has been around since 1966, and has been franchising for much of that time. We’ve always believed that franchising is the best way to break into the home healthcare industry because we’ve already figured out the best ways to operate – franchisees just need to master the system we’ve created.

In 2021, more and more people are beginning to choose the franchise route. With our complicated healthcare landscape, an experienced franchisor to guide you is invaluable. Suzanne Beall, Vice President of Government Relations with the International Franchise Association, explains to Home Healthcare News: “There’s something attractive about franchising in that you don’t have to come up with a concept of your own . . . You’re buying into a brand and community. You have all of that community support to get your business up and running.”

#3. Increased Demand for Companionship Services

Home Healthcare News further predicts that the demand for companionship services will increase in 2021. Even before the pandemic, many seniors felt lonely – nearly ¼ of adults 65 and older were socially isolated in 2020.

One of the great things about Interim HealthCare is that we allow our franchisees to set up custom care plans to meet every senior’s needs. Whether they require hospice care, daily home care, or just companionship a few times a week, they’re able to build a plan that works for everyone. Our highly-qualified care providers love to do scrapbooking, watch movies, help with crafts, read aloud – whatever their clients enjoy.

These are just a few trends shaping the home healthcare and hospice industries today. Contact us to learn more about how Interim HealthCare stays on top of these trends to help our franchisees remain competitive.t

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