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The Complete Guide to Healthcare Staffing Solutions offered within the Interim HealthCare Franchise Opportunity

Posted: 12/12/2022 05:44 PM by Interim Franchise

What is supplemental healthcare staffing?

Supplemental staffing is the process of finding the right employee with appropriate qualifications or experience and recruiting them to fill a position, role, or job. The goal of this is to create positive impacts on the organization’s effectiveness by having a sufficient quantity and quality workforce.

Supplemental healthcare staffing allows medical facilities to hire temporary caregivers when they are not able to fill positions on their own. These facilities can include assisted living facilities, hospitals, urgent care clinics, school districts, and so on. There are over 80 positions that fall under the category of allied healthcare professionals, so the need is far greater than some may realize.

How can having a supplemental staffing and home care franchise business deliver benefits to medical facilities in your community?

The senior population is on the rise, and Interim HealthCare franchisees serve the full continuum of care from pediatrics to hospice and palliative care. 57 years of experience makes Interim HealthCare the original home care brand. As baby boomers continue to age, many senior care facilities and home care agencies have become overwhelmed with an abundance of care needed to keep up with demand.

Supplemental staffing means that patients will not be left without the care they need. Some medical facilities in the past have had to turn away patients because they didn’t have the staff to keep up. Contracting a supplemental staffing agency, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and so on will be able to give peace of mind to the once-overwhelmed divisions in the medical industry.

A flexible staffing model can help to mitigate HR-related risks while meeting the facility’s needs. By addressing issues such as compliance, overtime, and turnover costs, facilities will gain the ability to manage a more cost-effective staffing model. Providing top-tier professionals and maintaining continuity of care can help keep medical facilities on track and provide better overall care to patients.

With over 57 years of industry experience, Interim HealthCare is ranked in the Top 10 per diem staffing companies in the United States.

How do you get your foot in the door and gain access to referral sources as an Interim HealthCare supplemental staffing and home care business owner?

Interim HealthCare is an ideal partner for supplemental staffing because Interim franchise owners offer healthcare professionals the skills, flexibility, and momentum to step up and meet whatever staffing needs arise at various facilities. Interim Healthcare is the nation’s first healthcare staffing company and a trusted source of healthcare professionals and medical personnel since 1966, serving facilities like:

– Medical Practices
– Skilled Nursing Facilities
– Schools
– Rehabilitation Centers
– Correctional Intuitions
– Assisted Living Facilities
– Hospitals and Clinics

Thanks to the quick actions of Interim HealthCare at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Interim HealthCare franchise owners have also helped to staff a wide array of health services such as temperature screenings, COVID-19 testing, immunizations, flue shots, health fairs, screenings, and so much more…

What kinds of positions would you be filling as home healthcare and supplemental staffing business owner?

Providing temporary staffing to a local medical facility has possibilities. With the wide range of positions falling under the category of “allied health professional,” this involves more opportunities than filling nursing positions alone. Some of the positions that your supplemental staffing franchise business could fill include:

– Physical or occupational therapists or assistants
– Speech pathologists
– Medical lab, imaging, and radiology professionals
– Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Personal Care Aides (PCA)
– Register Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
– Phlebotomists

And the list goes on. There are also various types of schedules that can be addressed within the supplemental staffing business line depending on the needs of the facility or the availability of the caregiver. These schedules include per diem/hourly, contract staff, temporary to permanent, and direct hire.

The Interim HealthCare franchise opportunity will also provide you with access to contracts that assist you when one of your caregivers is given a full-time position. The facility will buy out your contract, giving you additional revenue. This is a great sign because it means that the facility knows you care about the quality of the staff you hire and send to work every day.

Word of mouth will go a long way in your supplemental staffing business, and it is very likely that if the facility is impressed, they will come back to you again and again. Interim HealthCare has even implemented a five-star quality program for caregivers that focuses on talent selection and skill matching. The credentialing of medical personnel hired by Interim HealthCare includes competency assessments, background checks, and drug screens, orientation, reference checks, and quality monitoring.

What sets Interim HealthCare’s award-winning franchise model opportunity apart from other senior care, home healthcare, hospice, or supplemental staffing franchises?

Interim HealthCare is the nation’s first home care and healthcare staffing company. A recognized industry leader, we understand the importance of providing quality care in the place you need it most. Operating through 300+ locally owned franchise offices, Interim HealthCare offers a comprehensive range of home healthcare, personal care and support, hospice, and healthcare staffing services. From nurses and therapists to aides and companions, we employ more than 75,000 healthcare professionals who serve an average of 50,000 people every day.

As a new franchise owner, you will gain access to a formal orientation with some of the key contacts within Interim HealthCare and have an introduction to the organization, programs, education, and values of being an Interim HealthCare franchise owner. Interim Franchisees are also given full training and support for the rest of the National Support Center, including marketing and recruitment support, so you can be confident you are hiring the best of the best when it comes to local caregivers.

The support Interim HealthCare franchise owners receive is top-notch, unlike any other. Interim HealthCare’s National Support Center has a team of industry experts that help from the very beginning all the way through to your retirement and even pass the baton onto your legacy should you decide to make this a family business.
Additionally, Interim HealthCare offers the full Continuum of Care from birth to end of life with its core values exemplified through the Homelife Enrichment® program that has been created for patients. This program embodies the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” for home healthcare patients. Instead, Interim HealthCare franchise owners and their staff will provide care for the mind, body, spirit, and family.

The great part about having caregivers trained on this program within your supplemental staffing business is knowing your caregivers will go out into the workforce sharing their compassion for patients and providing patient-centered quality care regardless of the facility they are temporarily working within. Yet another reason why medical facilities rely on Interim HealthCare supplemental staffing again and again.

Do you already own a home care business and struggle to find the tools you need to succeed?

If you already own a home care business, converting to an Interim HealthCare franchise gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons. Maintain your client base while receiving training and support with our franchise system. Interim HealthCare is dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level!

As an Interim HealthCare franchise owner, you will have help with the following:

– Obtaining licenses necessary for expanding service lines
– Recruiting, Marketing, and IT support
– And so much more…

Interim’s history of excellence provides the traction you need to run a successful home care and staffing business. Team up with Interim HealthCare for access to complete solutions and support to become a beacon in your community effectively!

Are you ready to get started with your own Interim HealthCare senior care, home healthcare, and supplemental staffing franchise business?

To learn more about this unique opportunity and how you can be a great asset to your community, download our free franchising overview guide and contact us today!

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