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Strike Out on Your Own and Open an Interim Franchise

Posted: 3/7/2019 08:15 AM by Interim Franchise

Have you spent your career climbing the corporate ladder? Working your way up in a large company can take decades. While the journey may not be entirely unrewarding, many professionals begin to feel frustrated after years of working on someone else’s schedule for the profit of the owner, CEO, or board. That’s where Interim Franchise comes in. We have an exciting franchise opportunity for qualified investors with a corporate background. When you partner with Interim HealthCare, you’ll open your own home healthcare franchise in a thriving industry and enjoy many of the perks and freedoms that come with it.

A Straightforward Business Model

Interim HealthCare seeks franchisees from a variety of backgrounds. Even if you have no experience in the medical field, you may still be qualified to run an Interim franchise. Our franchisees don’t need to act as service providers. Rather, they recruit a well-qualified staff that have the necessary training and certifications to provide home health care. We give franchise owners insight into the industry and our business model through our comprehensive training program. With our guidance, franchisees from a range of backgrounds find that making the switch to the healthcare field is easier than ever.

The Freedom You’ve Been Wanting

Working a corporate job might seem exciting in the early years, but over time it can become a chore. Oftentimes, employees are expected to work a set number of hours, report to work at a specific time, and receive scheduled raises regardless of how hard they work or how much money they make for the company. Even taking a sick day or scheduling a vacation can be a hassle. We want Interim franchise owners to feel in control of their business. It is your business, and while it requires hard work, you are the boss.

Getting Started with Interim Franchise

We know that the prospect of starting a new business can be daunting, especially if you’ve been working the same job for years. Interim provides our franchisees with support before and after they open their doors. For instance, we’ve developed software technology and an intranet platform that make it easier than ever to manage day-to-day business. We’ll provide you with on-site opening support to help you master these and other great resources. You’ll participate in field training to get hands-on and see our business model at work. We also provide marketing assistance, helping our franchisees spread the word about their new Interim franchise to their community. Of course, we’re available to answer questions and provide feedback to our franchisees as they get their business off the ground. These are just a few of the many ways we support our franchisees throughout the process!Visit us online to learn more about what we look for in our franchise partners and see for yourself what it takes to open an Interim franchise.

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