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Signs That It’s Time to Choose an In-home Care Franchise: Who are Your Clients?

Posted: 7/6/2021 02:22 PM by Interim Franchise

In-home care franchises like ours serve a diverse mix of clients. The great thing about in-home care is that it can take many forms, offering comprehensive round-the-clock care or help with simple chores a few times a week. Clients can enjoy the freedom and security of living in their own homes while their families enjoy peace of mind – it’s a win-win! Here, learn about a few of the people that regularly turn to Interim HealthCare for home care services.

They’ve Recently Suffered a Medical Event

Strokes, heart attacks, and falls are just a few of the traumatic medical events that can precipitate finding an in-home care franchise. Many of these folks were doing just fine on their own, but now that they’re recovering, they’re not able to do quite as much without help. Furthermore, they’re likely on a number of medications to help them get well. Interim HealthCare franchisees are well equipped to help this group. No matter what stage of their recovery they’re in, we’re able to develop a custom plan to help.

Once they’ve recovered, clients and their families may realize that they need regular help to avoid future events. Our flexible plans allow them to adjust their services whenever they’d like, so they only pay for the help they need.

They’ve Found That Managing Their Homes (and Lives!) Is a Big Job

Countless Interim HealthCare clients lived independently for years, handling all of the jobs that go along with homeownership: sweeping, changing lightbulbs, cooking, and so forth. On top of that, they also have to take care of themselves: ensuring they’re taking their medication, getting the proper nutrition, bathing, choosing outfits, and more.

For the elderly, all of this can become a lot to juggle. Our in-home care franchises assist them by sharing the load, helping with these day-to-day tasks a few times a week, or every day – whatever is needed.

Not only does this help make our clients’ lives easier, but it also provides their families with peace of mind that someone will regularly be looking in on them and helping with tasks that could lead to falls and injuries.

They’re Suffering from Dementia

Dementia, caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s, is one of the most painful and frustrating experiences seniors and their families can endure. Over time, sufferers begin to forget things, from major life events to how to perform household chores. There are degrees of dementia; some people are affected once in a while, while others are trapped in a downward spiral.

Interim in-home care franchises have developed unique protocols for helping this group, allowing them to focus on what they can do while we assist with the rest.

These are just a few examples of the people that need the in-home care our franchises provide. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to start an Interim Healthcare franchise of your own.

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