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Why Stop at One? There Are Many Benefits to Owning Multiple Units with Interim!

Posted: 10/17/2019 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

If you’re currently searching for senior care franchise opportunities and are specifically thinking you’d like to open more than one home healthcare location, we can tell you, that’s a smart idea! As our senior population grows, our industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Franchisees who own multiple locations are not only meeting important needs in their communities more of the time but capitalizing on a robust market. They also enjoy numerous benefits that single-location owners do not. Let’s examine a few of them, here.

Grow Your Brand Name

One of the immediate benefits of owning and operating more than one Interim HealthCare franchise location is brand name growth. Expanding your reach means more people will find you and recognize the Interim name as a leader in senior care franchise opportunities. You’ll be the first person your community thinks of when it’s time to enlist some help in allowing seniors to live out their lives in a dignified and safe manner at home. Others will look to you to provide compassionate hospice care. For whatever reasons you’re turned to, you’ll benefit from our respected and trusted name, and that name on multiple units means you’ll strengthen your position as a go-to home healthcare provider in your area.

Enjoy More Quality Time

That’s right! Believe it or not, when you open more than one Interim HealthCare location, you might actually find yourself with more free time, or better quality time. That’s because owning multiple locations requires you to delegate tasks — after all, you can’t be in two places at once. You’ll rely on trusted management teams to help oversee your locations, and that could free you up to focus on aspects of your business that interest you most, or allow you to take more time off. Not all senior care franchise opportunities allow their franchisees the opportunity to make better use of their time. But our proven business model takes a lot of the guesswork out of running a business and helps you structure your efforts in the most efficient way. 

Expand Your Revenue Streams

Of course, the obvious benefit of owning more than one location is the increase in revenue you’ll enjoy. You might choose to focus on home healthcare services, such as light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and personal hygiene, at one or more of your locations, and hospice care at others. Providing both kinds of care allows you to increase your presence in your community, offer a full spectrum of services, and reap the financial rewards of growing your business. Best of all, you’ll enjoy our franchisor complete support. All your locations will have access to our innovative marketing and advertising campaigns, home care software technology, staff recruiting and retention tools and templates, and so much more! We believe it’s important to be there for our franchisees not only because we think they deserve it, but because our brand name depends on it. We know we’re only as successful as each of our franchise partners, and we’re here to help them meet or exceed their goals, every step of the way.

If you’d like to learn more about senior care franchise opportunities and how to take advantage of one with Interim, get in touch with us today!

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