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At Interim, We Make Managing a Senior Care Franchise as Simple as Possible

Posted: 8/15/2019 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Our team at Interim HealthCare understands that the task of managing your own business can often be daunting without the correct guidance. An excited entrepreneur may never take their dream to reality due to a lack of knowledge regarding the industry or commitment to their current situation.  Senior care franchise opportunities make the formula of running your own business a smoother process. Interim HealthCare’s franchise model addresses each area of interest for potential franchisees. We will run down all the ways we work with our potential investors to make senior care franchise management a realistic opportunity.

Turnkey Investment Structure That Helps You

The first step of creating a sound franchise investment is evaluating what your value your franchisor is giving back. Interim HealthCare has manufactured an investment model that provides you with the resources you’ll need throughout the duration of your business. The portions that make up your initial investment include a franchise fee, start-up costs, and working capital. All of this is to help provide you with a wealth of industry knowledge during your training period, start-up support, operations support as well as assistance from our marketing team. You will have the ability to have access to an established trade name along with innovative marketing and advertising campaigns. Your initial investment in one of our senior care franchise opportunities will help facilitate success for your location from start to finish.  

In-Depth Franchise Training

With over 50 years of industry involvement, Interim HealthCare has extensive knowledge of what information is important while managing a home healthcare service. We have helped groom hundreds of franchisees with in-depth knowledge of the booming in-home healthcare industry to prepare them for the road ahead. Our initial developmental process consists of franchisee training, senior advisor training with certification, technology system training, office manager and care professional training. The goal of all of this is to simplify your path for success when you start managing your location. You’ll have a comprehensive awareness of the daily responsibilities when managing your business–therefore, eliminating the chances of making mistakes down the road.

Support From Franchise Experts

One dilemma could sideline the progress of an independent business owner– however, Interim HealthCare’s senior care franchise opportunities have built a bridge of support for our franchisees.  Interim HealthCare’s franchise support team have accumulated over 100 years of experience in fields all crucial to running a successful business. Our team is fully aware that the climate of the healthcare industry is consistently evolving– as it does our methods of supporting franchisees is adapting. This includes resources such as on-line portals with manuals, templates, toolkits, along with local sales and marketing collateral. We also have a team of dedicated business consultants who aim to assist you with marketing and sales, any financial training, operations, and human resources. Interim HealthCare’s senior care franchise opportunities bring an avenue of support that is unparalleled to any business experience in the industry. 

Do you want to learn more about our senior care franchise opportunities and how the can improve your career trajectory? Find out what the next steps include when starting a franchise with Interim HealthCare.

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