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Running an In-Home Healthcare Franchise During the Pandemic

Posted: 6/9/2021 08:33 PM by Interim Franchise

Our in-home healthcare franchises provided valuable services to countless seniors during the darkest months of the pandemic. We’re an especially resilient brand and have adapted to numerous economic and societal crises since we got our start in 1966. Here, learn a bit about how we’ve fared throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and what the future holds for our franchisees.

In-Home Healthcare Franchises in High Demand

Sadly, seniors were one of the populations hardest hit by COVID. Residential care facilities needed to be locked down, as seniors were at high risk of passing the virus to one another. This phenomenon starkly demonstrated a key advantage of in-home care: seniors can better protect themselves from communicable diseases when they remain living in their own homes.

Our franchisees rose to the occasion, sending out qualified care providers while following the most up-to-date guidelines from the CDC. They helped seniors get the care they needed without unnecessarily increasing their risk.

We believe that the increased demand for our services is likely to persist well after the pandemic has ended. People already knew that in-home care was a flexible option to help seniors with diverse needs. Now, it’s clear that in-home care might even be a safer option than residential care.

How Interim Supports Franchisees

We’ve worked hard to support our franchisees throughout the pandemic, which is reflective of our standing commitment to our franchisees. We’ve stayed nimble, regularly adapting our practices to meet the latest CDC guidelines. Our leadership team is made up of people with caregiving experience themselves, and they consistently strive to develop policies designed to keep clients and caregivers safe.

We’ve also worked to ensure our communication has been clear and consistent, keeping franchisees updated throughout every stage of the pandemic. Sharing strategies, celebrating victories, and keeping franchisees informed has been the main priority.

Resilience Now and in the Future

We’ve enjoyed more longevity than any other major in-home healthcare franchise because resilience is a key part of our business model. Because our franchisees know the communities they serve and are supported by our team of experts, they’re able to adapt to changing circumstances quickly. Our practice to provide essential services required by a massive segment of the population generates consistent demand for our services. That demand is likely to grow as the elderly population increases.

These are just two reasons why Interim HealthCare is better-equipped than other franchises to navigate unexpected events like the pandemic. Nothing has been able to stop our steady growth in 55+ years, making ours one of the most sensible franchise opportunities around.

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