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Making the Switch from the Medical Field to a Home Care Franchise

Posted: 4/7/2020 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Opening a home care franchise with Interim HealthCare doesn’t require prior industry experience, but if you’ve been working in the medical field, you’ll likely find that starting your own home care business is a logical next step. Partnering with Interim HealthCare is a great move for industry veterans because you’ve spent your career caring for others. We can help you continue to do just that while enjoying more freedom than ever.

The Perks of Owning a Home Care Franchise

Working in the medical profession often requires long hours, little rest, and unlimited patience, and employees are often dissatisfied with their take-home pay. If you’re currently in this situation, you should know that opening your own business could give you more flexibility.

Interim home care franchisees do work hard, especially while they’re in the process of getting their business up and running. Once it’s opened its doors, franchisees are able to rely on our time-tested business model to help them use their time effectively. Best of all, franchisees are able to delegate many operational tasks to their trusted staff, giving them greater control over the hours they’ll work. 

There’s no way to guarantee how any new business will perform, but as an Interim HealthCare franchisee you’ll have many valuable resources (like our team of experts standing by you) to help you make the most of your investment.  

Now is a great time to break into our industry. It’s estimated that by 2060, there will be 98 million Americans aged 65 and older. As this population continues to rise, services like the ones we provide will continue to be in high demand. 

Starting with a home care franchise is a great decision, but Interim HealthCare also offers the option of running a hospice franchise. Whether you choose to open just one of these franchises or both, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth with our brand. 

Interim HealthCare Supports Our Franchisees

We understand that opening a home care franchise might sound like a stressful endeavor, but we’re committed to supporting our franchisees throughout the process. Below are some of the ways we do that.

  • You’ll be provided with a dedicated business consultant who will work with you on issues related to business and finances, training, marketing and sales, operations, and human resources.
  • Interim University is a 24-hour web platform that allows you to review best practices and training materials on your own time.
  • We’ll work closely with you throughout the process of getting your new franchise up and running, guiding you through every step

Many of our franchisees had never owned their own business before partnering with Interim HealthCare, and that’s just fine with us. Our comprehensive support combined with our time-tested business model make it easier than ever to run your own home care franchise.

Want to learn more about making the switch from the medical field to owning your own business? Contact us today!