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Interim HealthCare Franchisee Responsibilities

Posted: 9/15/2020 08:39 AM by Interim Franchise

Interim HealthCare franchisees take on many responsibilities associated with running their businesses, but we’ve developed systems and processes that make many of those responsibilities simple to manage. Here, learn more about what our franchisees do day-to-day and how we support them. 

Finding New Clients

Every business owner knows that finding new clients is the key to steady growth, and an Interim HealthCare franchise is no different. One of the main ways our franchisees find new customers is by marketing their business. While independent business owners need to create all of their campaigns from scratch, Interim HealthCare franchisees have a good deal of support. We provide them with templates, premade marketing materials, and other resources that make developing ads simple. Of course, our team also works behind the scenes to market the Interim HealthCare brand, so our franchisees enjoy extra exposure. 


Networking with people and other businesses within your community is another great way to grow your business. Networking helps to establish you as a trustworthy and integral part of your community and helps you form connections with valuable partners. Many of our franchisees network by taking part in their local chambers of commerce, getting to know their local senior citizen communities, and even building a strong social networking presence. 

Recruiting & Retaining Healthcare Franchise Employees

Franchisees aren’t expected to provide services themselves, so they need a strong pool of qualified employees. It’s up to franchisees to find, recruit, and retain these employees so they can offer the in-home and hospice care services we’re famous for. Interim HealthCare provides human resources support, and recruiting and retention tools and templates to help franchisees keep things running smoothly.


While franchisees can delegate some operational tasks to their trusted staff, many of them choose to handle day-to-day business on their own. Whether it’s billing, scheduling, or meeting with prospective clients, we’ve developed software and other systems to keep these processes efficient. Because you don’t need to get bogged down in complicated operational tasks, you’ll be free to spend more time focusing on the big picture of growing your business. 

Developing Growth Strategies

We help franchisees set growth goals, and create actionable plans for achieving those goals. Many of our franchisees open multiple franchises, or even add hospice care to their repertoire of services. Others are simply focused on building up their client base. Wherever they’re at, Interim HealthCare provides franchisees with coaching and advising to help them reach their goals. Our franchisees never need to go it alone; they can count on our experts to guide them toward growing their investment

Want to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of Interim HealthCare franchisees? Contact us today!