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Our Specialized Home Care Services

Posted: 6/18/2021 05:07 PM by Interim Franchise

Interim HealthCare has been a leading provider of home care services since 1966. We’ve learned a thing or two about working with clients who have specialized needs during that time. Because we can work with such a wide pool of clients, we’ve developed a strong reputation as the go-to home care franchise. If you’re thinking of starting a home care business of your own, specialized services like these will set you apart from the competition. Here, learn about a few of these services that you could be offering as an Interim HealthCare franchisee.

Patient-Centered Dementia Care

At least one in ten people over the age of 65 lives with dementia. There are varying degrees of dementia: some people get confused once or twice a day, while others need constant reminders of where they are. Our patient-centered dementia care program is completely customized to the unique needs of the individual. The Teepa Snow Positive Care® Approach that we use emphasizes what they can do, rather than what they can’t. The result is a better experience for the client, coupled with the peace of mind for their family.

Congestive Heart Failure & Coronary Artery Disease Care

People living with heart-related problems often need to balance medication with exercise to stay in good health. Our service providers know how to help them organize and stay on top of their medications while ensuring they get up and about. Whether they’re recovering from an episode or need to prevent one from happening, our experts know how to assist.

Mental Health & Depression

More than two million Americans 65 and older suffer from some type of depression. Whether they’re living with the effects of a stroke or heart attack or are just adjusting to new phases in their lives, this group needs specialized care in order to protect their mental health. Our caregivers aren’t just capable of helping clients with physical problems; they understand the value of great companionship as well.

They love to do activities like puzzles and scrapbooking and enjoy spending time with clients. They’re also ready to ensure that clients are taking the proper medication and are eating well, all of which can go a long way towards fighting depression.

. . . And Many Other Specialized Home Care Services

These are just a few of the specialized services each of our home care franchises can provide. When you start your new business, we’ll work with you to find highly qualified care providers to join your staff and provide them with the training and knowledge to equip them to offer all of these services and more.

Contact Interim HealthCare today to learn more about what your franchise will have to offer clients in your area.

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