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Our Healthcare Franchise Supports Other Businesses Via Staffing Services

Posted: 6/18/2021 05:12 PM by Interim Franchise

Did you know that Interim Healthcare franchises support not just senior clients but other businesses as well? While we’re well-known for providing exemplary senior home care, countless Interim HealthCare employees have filled in at COVID-19 vaccination sites, medical clinics, even schools. When businesses like these are short-staffed and need extra help, Interim HealthCare franchisees help meet that need. Here, learn more about our staffing services.

What Types of Businesses Need Our Healthcare Franchise Support?

Interim HealthCare can provide staffing services to a wide range of businesses, including:

COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

As more and more people flock to vaccination sites, there’s a demand for qualified personnel to deliver shots. Whether it’s a drug store or a community health center, Interim HealthCare franchisees are able to help.

Medical Businesses

Hospitals, private practices, urgent care clinics can’t afford to be short-staffed. People need treatment fast, and a labor shortage can increase wait times and even cause closures. Interim HealthCare franchisees can provide these businesses with short-term help from qualified nurses, medical assistants, and other professionals.

On the business side of things, they’re also equipped to recommend secretaries, receptionists, call center staff, and other experts.


Many schools employ para-professionals to work with students with disabilities. When one calls in sick or leaves their job unexpectedly, those students can’t experience any break in their coverage. Interim HealthCare franchisees can get qualified professionals into schools quickly to help.

These are just a few examples. Because Interim HealthCare care providers all come from different backgrounds, with unique specialties, they’re able to fit right into new roles until these businesses are able to make more permanent hires. Our staffing services are a great way for them to earn a living utilizing their skillsets while helping you build your business.

The Value of Multiple Revenue Streams

As you can see, our healthcare franchise support services are in high demand among a number of businesses. As an Interim HealthCare franchisee, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of leveraging multiple revenue streams. Because you can offer home care, staffing, and hospice services, you’ll be able to work with a wide range of customers without putting all of your eggs in one basket. That means you’ll have greater opportunities for earnings and greater recession resistance.

One of the reasons we’ve been in business since 1966 is that we’re an adaptable company. When we see strong demand for new services, we’re not shy about integrating them into our model. We want our franchisees to thrive, and we invest in research and development to keep them on the cutting-edge of the senior home care industry.

Contact Interim today to learn more about our healthcare franchise support services.