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Opening a Hospice Business? Interim HealthCare Recognized in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for 2021

Posted: 2/2/2021 08:06 AM by Interim Franchise

If you are considering opening a hospice business, Interim HealthCare is one of your best options to choose from. Don’t just take our word for it. We are honored to have once again been recognized by Entrepreneur as one of the top 500 franchises for 2021. Here are some key reasons why our home health care and hospice franchise stand out.


Interim HealthCare was established in 1966, and in those 55 years, we have weathered many economic ups and downs. It has allowed us to fine-tune our processes and practices, giving us unmatched expertise in the industry, as well as strong brand recognition. With our expertise and brand recognition, opening a hospice business or home health business with Interim HealthCare gives you instant advantages.

We pride ourselves on staying on top of industry trends, as well as being regulatory experts and advocates for home healthcare policy changes. We were able to put our experience to use and provide our owner partners with the tools they needed to meet the unique challenges and increasing health and hospice demands of 2020 head-on. Additionally, the events of the COVID-19 pandemic have begun to reshape the home healthcare world, opening up more opportunities among the many new challenges. We were able to help our owner partners seize these opportunities in 2020 and will continue to do so as more new ones arise in 2021.

Extensive Training and Support

Our comprehensive partner training program is unlike any other in the industry. Whether you are opening a hospice business or a home healthcare business, we cover every aspect of that business. 

Whether it’s initial investments, training healthcare staff, marketing, or navigating the regulatory landscape, we have experts available to ensure our owner partners have the best training and support experiences possible.

Another source of support our partners can take advantage of is our extensive network of peer-partners. Interim HealthCare has over 300 independent owners in the U.S. and around the world, creating a support network unlike any in the industry. 

A Holistic Approach

At Interim HealthCare, we recognize that our clients and their families have needs that go beyond just physical care or assistance. Because of this, we have put programs in place that provide emotional, social, and spiritual support. 

If you are interested in a home healthcare business, we have a HomeLife Enrichment® program that focuses on all aspects of quality of life for our clients—especially our seniors who need to retain that sense of independence. 

If you are considering opening a hospice business, we provide support and services that go beyond making our clients physically comfortable. We offer programs for counseling, spiritual support, bereavement, and respite services for loved ones, as well as pet therapy.

Whether you’re opening a hospice business or a home healthcare business, Interim HealthCare’s established programs and esteemed reputation in the home health and hospice care field may be what you exactly need to get started and help you succeed. Contact us today for more information about the business opportunities we offer.

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