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Why Open a Home Care Franchise Instead of Going it Alone?

Posted: 9/8/2020 08:39 AM by Interim Franchise

Opening a home care franchise with Interim HealthCare comes with lots of perks that independent owners just don’t enjoy. If you’re thinking of breaking into the senior home care industry, you have some important choices to make, and the decision to franchise or go it alone is one of the first. As a franchisor with 50+ years of experience, we have developed a franchise program that has a lot to offer newcomers to the field. Here, learn about a few of the most significant perks to partnering with Interim HealthCare, rather than going it alone. 

A Time-Tested Home Care Franchise System

Interim HealthCare has been in business since 1966. In that time, we’ve developed a business model that’s been refined to peak efficacy. Entrepreneurs who choose to open their own senior home care businesses independently will need to start from scratch. A few of the questions they’ll need to answer include:

  • How will they find new clients?
  • How will they manage billing Medicare and insurance?
  • How much should they pay their employees and charge for their services?
  • How can they effectively keep records?
  • How do they plan to achieve sustainable growth?

A wrong answer to any one of these questions could cost a lot of time and money to correct. When you partner with Interim HealthCare, you’ll be integrated into a system that already has all of these answers and more, so you can hit the ground running. 

Comprehensive Training

Independent operators don’t have anyone to show them the ropes, and finding your footing in this business can be tricky. Interim HealthCare franchisees come from many backgrounds, but they never need to worry about getting up-to-speed on best practices and industry trends because we provide them with comprehensive training. 

When you open a home care franchise with Interim HealthCare, you won’t need to learn our system alone. You’ll take part in online and classroom training that shows you how to maximize every aspect of our time-tested processes. We’ll work with you as you learn the basics, and will provide you with ongoing support to keep you on track through the life of your business.

Ongoing Support

Independent owners are always free to hire outside business consultants to give them advice and help them restructure their business, but their advice is often expensive and consultants rarely stick around to see how it pans out. As an Interim HealthCare franchisee, you’ll enjoy the support of a team of home care franchise experts, all of whom are invested in your success. They’ll help you set goals for growth and make plans to achieve those goals. You can turn to them when questions or problems arise, giving you a major edge over the competition.

These are just a few of the reasons why opening a home care franchise is a better plan than going it alone. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we support Interim HealthCare franchisees!

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