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Interim HealthCare Franchise: We Are Making the Difference Now More Than Ever

Posted: 2/16/2021 08:01 AM by Interim Franchise

The year 2020 brought many changes and challenges that have now carried over into the new year. The home healthcare franchise industry was one of the many that had to adapt to the new normal. And like other industries, home health also helped clients and employees adapt while continuing to do so as we battle COVID-19. Keep reading to learn how one home healthcare franchise Interim HealthCare has made a difference. 

Focus on Safety

Making sure our clients remain safe continues to be the top priority for Interim HealthCare. We have followed CDC recommendations by creating and implementing intensive safety protocol employee training that includes cleaning, handwashing, disinfecting, wearing PPE, isolating sick family members, and responding quickly to any COVID-19 symptoms observed while screening our clients.  

Because our clients include many individuals who are part of high-risk and vulnerable populations, we do everything we can to protect them. These protections include running errands for them, such as grocery shopping, so they don’t have to risk exposure. With the rise in cases at assisted living facilities, home healthcare franchises like Interim Healthcare allow clients to comfortably stay in their own homes and away from any potential outbreak hotspots. 

One of the most recent ways we are assisting in keeping our clients and communities safe is by offering COVID-19 vaccination staffing services

Staying Informed

One essential task for any respected home healthcare franchise is to stay informed on rapidly changing regulations and policies. We ensure they are briefed on any relevant changes like CDC requirements and Medicare home health coverage

We also stay up-to-date on industry trends so that we can provide our owner partners, clients, and employees with the latest information and educational resources

Providing Employment Opportunities

It is no secret that the job market is currently struggling. But because of the increase in demand for home healthcare franchises, we have a demand for employees. Healthcare workers may find a welcome change when switching to a career in home health care. One of the appeals of working in home health care is that there is more opportunity for one-on-one interaction and care for clients. Our employees have better opportunities to get to know clients and their families in a home setting and consequently have more enriching professional relationships with them.

One significant benefit that Interim HealthCare offers our employees is continued education and certification opportunities at no additional cost to them. We value our employees enough that we are willing to invest in their futures. We also employ individuals with varied skillsets based on the needs of clients and to fulfill the holistic services we offer, such as spiritual support, counseling, physical therapy, and more.  

Now that you’ve learned how Interim HealthCare is making a difference in this new and uncertain landscape, you can contact us to learn how you can become part of the solution.

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