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No Experience? No Problem! Our Training and Support Sets Your Home Care Franchise Up For Success

Posted: 2/9/2021 08:05 AM by Interim Franchise

The home care franchise industry has been experiencing unprecedented interest and attention in 2020 and going into 2021. Now more than ever before, it’s an ideal time to open a home care business. However, one thing that may be causing hesitation for some people interested in starting a home health care business is their lack of industry experience or knowledge. It’s at this point where Interim HealthCare comes in. Our franchise training and support programs are designed to close that gap so that our owner partners can get off to the right start and build successful businesses. Read on to learn more about what it takes to partner with Interim HealthCare.

Comprehensive Training Program

Founded over five decades ago, Interim HealthCare is one of the oldest and most recognized home care franchises in the nation. Over the years, we have experienced many industry changes, including healthcare regulations, policies, business climate, marketing trends, technology, and more. One of the reasons we are still around is because we have adapted, learned, and cultivated our team of experts.

Our comprehensive training program is the culmination of those years of experience. We have learned what works and what doesn’t, and what training our new owner partners need the most to be successful. 

We offer intensive course topics such as sales, finance, marketing, human resources, and technology. We tailor individual training paths for our partners to assist them in focusing on the skills and certifications they need most. The training doesn’t end once you open your business. We offer continued and updated support as long as you are an Interim HealthCare partner. 

Unmatched Support Network

Because we have such a wealth of experience with different business models and the industry as a whole, our continued support network is strong, powerful, and reliable. 

Our expert consultants are well educated in the different disciplines our owner partners should become familiar with to successfully run a home care franchise. We also have Interim University, which is an online learning program for our owners and staff to continue their education and brush up on training. 

In addition to our support staff, we boast an impressive online collection of resources that are continuously being added to and updated for our owner partners and their staff. 

What You Really Need to Succeed

So if health care experience is not a must, what is Interim HealthCare exactly looking for in an owner partner? To put it simply, we need people with passion. We need people that think like entrepreneurs and have the drive to learn and do all the work necessary to succeed. We also need people who have compassion and a desire to help others. Integrity and respect for human dignity are essential traits to embody for anyone looking to open an Interim HealthCare franchise.  

Now that you’ve learned more about our Interim HealthCare’s valuable franchise training and support programs, as well as what we are looking for in owner partners, you can contact us to take the next step.