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Launched in the midst of Home Care & Hospice Month, ‘The Difference is Home’ is emphasizing the newfound importance of Health at Home.

Posted: 11/29/2021 06:19 PM by Interim Franchise

Did you know November is home care and hospice month? To mark the occasion, our home care and hospice franchise has rolled out a healthcare awareness campaign this month called “The Difference Is Home.” Our goal is to dispel the myth that home healthcare is just for seniors by spreading the word about the full gamut of resources available to people of any age.

Home Is Where the Heart Is and the Healing Begins

In addition to empowering our seniors to age in the comfort and security of their own home, home healthcare services include a gamut of care options for people of all ages and medical needs. Indeed, Interim HealthCare provides a continuum of care — including pediatric, post-operative, Medicare-certified, and hospice – that enables people everywhere to heal, repose, and live their best lives outside the walls of a medical setting.

The Power of Home Care for All

As part of “The Difference Is Home” campaign, Interim HealthCare has launched a new website where people can learn more about the ways home care services can help them and their loved ones endure times of medical uncertainty. Here visitors can access resources to help them make informed care decisions and learn more about the advantages of home care, including:

  • higher quality of care
  • a lesser chance for rehospitalization
  • better outcomes
  • greater patient satisfaction.

Personal Stories About How Our Home Care and Hospice Franchise Has Bettered Lives

“The Difference Is Home” website also features a platform where real people from different walks of life and medical needs can describe their individual experiences in healing at home. Visitors to the site are also encouraged to use the power of their stories to help others by posting them on the Wall of Inspiration. Enabling people to learn about others’ healing experiences is another way our campaign is trying to raise widespread awareness about the power and potential of home healthcare that’s available to everybody.

Shifting the Public Mindset About What’s Possible

As part of our campaign to raise awareness about the rich continuum of services we provide, we’ve conducted an insights study with The Harris Poll. The study examines how much consumers and licensed medical professionals know about the full spectrum of healthcare services and the ability for patients to receive it. The study found that most Americans lack a full understanding of the role these services can play in their lives. The full report will be released sometime in November.

Celebrating Our Franchisees and the Whole Community of Care

Lastly, “The Difference Is Home” campaign aims to create greater awareness of the daily sacrifice and service made by all members of the community of care. When people think about honoring those in healthcare, they usually think of the people they see, like their physicians, nurses, or health aides. Interim HealthCare is working to widen the lens through which we view the home care and hospice industry to include all the hardworking people we don’t see who make our care possible. Visitors to our campaign website can help us do this by posting on our Wall of Inspiration to thank the often-forgotten people who help make our care possible. Here, people can express their gratitude to anyone from discharge planners to social workers, healthcare payors – and, of course, our franchisees!

To find out more about “The Difference Is Home” campaign and other ways our home care and hospice franchisees and we are making a positive difference, contact us today!

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