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5 Reasons Why the Home Health Care Industry Is the Right One to Invest In

Posted: 5/23/2019 09:02 AM by Interim Franchise

If you’re looking for a new business venture, investing in a health care franchise is a great way to break into an exciting industry. At Interim HealthCare, we specialize in providing home care to clients who need a little extra help. Our valuable services have already led us to become leaders in the industry, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. Here are a few reasons why now is a great time to invest in a healthcare franchise of your own.

An Aging Population

It’s predicted that by 2060, 30% of the general population will be 65 or older – that’s a two-fold increase from today. As the population ages, many of them will develop unique needs that are best addressed through home health care franchise services. Interim HealthCare addresses these needs by providing customized care to aging citizens, allowing them to maintain as much of their independence as possible while remaining in their homes. As we move closer to 2060, we and our franchisees are looking forward to a larger pool of potential customers.

Hospice Spending is On the Rise

Interim HealthCare provides hospice care to clients who are nearing the end of their life and want to live out their days in comfort. In 2016, more than 44% of hospice care patients received care right in their own homes. As the population ages, it’s likely that hospice spending will continue to rise, giving our health care franchise owners the opportunity to serve their community by providing crucial services.

A Massive Industry

There’s no doubt that the health care franchise industry in the United States is thriving. It’s estimated that the industry will be worth nearly $365 billion by 2022, growing at more than 8% per year. People are always in need of health care services, and many of them rely on programs like Medicare and Medicaid to cover expenses. These are just a few reasons that our industry is growing, and is more immune to recession than others.

Interim HealthCare Makes It Easy to Get Started

If you want to start a new business in the healthcare industry but don’t have a medical background, don’t let that stop you! Opening a healthcare franchise is easier than ever when you partner with Interim HealthCare. We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training, helping them to learn the ropes of running a home care business. Regardless of your professional background, our training program is designed to provide you with simple tools and skills that make it possible to run your own healthcare franchise. Furthermore, we support our franchisees throughout the process, from finding a location to achieving sustainable growth. Investing in an Interim HealthCare franchise is a great way to enter the industry with the guidance of a team of experts – a valuable resource that independent operators don’t enjoy.

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