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Inside Our Hospice Care Business

Posted: 7/6/2021 02:22 PM by Interim Franchise

There’s lots of potential for hospice care businesses today. Hospice care is a $24.3 billion business that we project is likely to grow in the coming years. The elderly population is growing internationally and in the U.S. Rural Health Information Hub explains:

Today, more than 46 million older adults age 65 and older live in the U.S.; by 2050, that number is expected to grow to almost 90 million. Between 2020 and 2030 alone, when the last of the baby boom cohorts reach age 65, the number of older adults is projected to increase by almost 18 million. This upward trend means by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans is projected to be 65 years old and over.

Many hospice care patients are elderly people who are nearing the end of their lives. As their population booms, the demand for quality hospice care provided by qualified, empathetic providers will grow with it.

If you’ve never worked in the healthcare field, you might be wondering if you have what it takes to run a hospice care business. The great thing about our model is that it’s open to anyone – you’ll focus on running your business while your staff provides excellent care. A few of the hospice care services your franchise will provide include . . .

Nursing & Healthcare

Those in hospice care are nearing the end of their lives, so they’re often prescribed medication to ease pain and make them as comfortable as possible. One important duty of Interim HealthCare providers is to ensure that they’re taking their medications correctly and to monitor their efficacy. Along these lines, our providers also know how to look out for signs of potential trouble and alert a doctor when necessary.


Getting the proper nutrition is essential for everyone, especially those in hospice care, so ensuring that they’re eating quality meals can help their physical and mental state, making their hospice experience much more effective.


Hospice care is all about helping people to do their best, physically and mentally, under tough circumstances. In addition to managing their healthcare, Interim providers help hospice clients pass the time in ways that are most meaningful to them, whether that’s having someone to talk to, coordinating visits with family and friends, or making sure they have puzzles, crosswords, and entertainment.

These are just a few examples of the many services we offer via our hospice care businesses. The hospice experience can be difficult for clients as well as their family and friends, and our franchisees are serious about helping them through one of their most trying times. If you’re interested in starting a business that makes a real difference for the people in your community, this could be the opportunity for you.

Contact Interim HealthCare today to learn more about starting a hospice care business of your own.