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What Does Interim HealthCare Franchise Training & Support Cover?

Posted: 1/21/2020 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

When you think about in-home care franchise opportunities, you might be tempted to think that taking advantage of those opportunities requires you to have experience in the health fields. But actually, that’s not so. While that kind of background might come in handy, when you partner with Interim HealthCare, you can count on comprehensive training and support to bring you up to speed on our industry and that will allow you to capitalize on our robust industry. Let’s take a quick look here at the kind and quality of support we show each and every one of our franchisees, before, during, and after they open their doors.

Pre-Opening Training

Immediately after you sign your franchise agreement with us, we’ll invite you to visit our headquarters in Sunrise, Florida, for a Discovery Day, where we’ll begin to go over all the things you need to know about running your franchise smoothly and successfully. You’ll also learn more about how we approach franchise sales, marketing, day-to-day operations, human resources and much more. Later on, we’ll help you find the perfect site for your new franchise and will help you find and hire the qualified professionals you’ll need to deliver the kind of quality care we’re known for. Our highly-respected brand name depends on the preparedness of our franchisees, which is why we place such an emphasis on it. We’ll be there for you with one-on-one guidance, ensuring that you’re properly implementing all of the policies and procedures you’ve learned during this time.

Proprietary Resources

We have a host of proprietary resources that only our franchisees have access to. These include our confidential operations manual, home care software technology, human resources, recruiting and retention tools and templates, and our web-based 24-hour learning management system — Interim University — that allows you and your staff access to continuing education and training materials. You’ll also be able to rely on our on-line portal that stores hundreds of relevant manuals, marketing collateral materials, templates, and much more. This kind of thorough and ongoing support is just part of what separates us from other in-home care franchise opportunities.

Marketing Help

At Interim, we know there is nothing more important to getting your franchise up and running successfully than getting the word out — which is why our franchisee support includes robust marketing materials meant for a variety of outlets that you’ll be able to utilize at any time. Our innovative marketing and advertising campaigns capitalize on our well-known brand name, one you’ll be able to make full use of as well during all your marketing efforts. Our marketing support also includes help with your website and your social media presence, both of which are instrumental in letting your community know you are open for business and ready to meet its needs.

Throughout your relationship with us, you can count on continuous advice from our home care, hospice, and healthcare staffing experts, and we are always just a phone call or email away to address any questions, concerns, or problems you might be having. In short, our commitment to our franchisees is a corner stone of our business model and a real differentiator when comparing other in-home care franchise opportunities.


There are a lot of in-home care franchise opportunities out there, but we think ours is one of the best! Reach out for more information today!

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