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How COVID-19 Has Shaped the Home Care Industry

Posted: 12/8/2020 08:13 AM by Interim Franchise

Many lessons have been learned in 2020 from the pandemic about the value of the home care industry. From increased safety protocols and more government support for telehealth to the expansion of covered services, home care has had to change and adapt quickly to meet the needs of patients. 

Increased Safety Protocols

Along with the rest of the home care industry, Interim HealthCare has modified and increased our safety protocols in response to the pandemic to comply with CDC guidelines and keep our staff and our clients safe. These safety protocols are in place to educate employees on the transmission of COVID-19 and the necessary preventative precautions to take to keep patients safe and include sanitizing hands frequently, disinfecting clients’ homes, utilizing PPE, isolating clients from sick family members or roommates, regularly monitoring them for COVID-19 symptoms and in turn responding quickly. 

The increase in safety protocols will also go far in protecting clients and employees beyond the COVID-19 pandemic by helping guard against other illnesses such as influenza. It’s also good training to help prepare for any health crises that might arise in the future.

Expansion of Medicare-Covered Services

With the recent expansion of Medicare-covered services such as telehealth and the focus on the significance of supplemental, non-medical services like grocery delivery, the home care industry is likely to see an additional increase in covered services. Why? Because these services are now more widely recognized as essential to keep our vulnerable populations safe. The increase in coverage has received bi-partisan support because they recognize the value of telehealth services; people can remain safely at home and yet still connected to and monitored by care providers. Since Medicare will likely continue to add coverage for home care industry services, we may see a shift from private pay to payments from MA plans. Interim HealthCare has experts that, are committed to assisting clients and franchisees navigate the world of Medicare benefits.  

Employment Opportunities and a Competitive Job Market

Since there has been such an increase in demand for home care due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is naturally going to be an increase in jobs. However, since the job market has changed drastically for some industries, there will be more job-seekers to choose from. 

With the rise of telehealth, home care industry jobs have become more flexible, allowing some employees to work and receive training from home. With these improvements in efficiency and costs, this trend will likely continue. 

A Strong Future

As we navigate the new landscape that COVID-19 has carved in the home care industry, one thing we can be sure of is that home health isn’t going anywhere. The demand is likely to continue to increase now that people see the value and necessity of home health care.  

Interim HealthCare, having been in the home health business for over five decades, has seen the industry change throughout the years and continues to persist and adapt well, staying up-to-date on all of the changes and innovations along the way. 

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