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Hospice For Sale vs. Hospice Franchise

Posted: 1/20/2022 02:18 AM by Interim Franchise

How A Hospice Franchise Beat Stand-Alone Hospices for Sale

The population is aging. – and the trend is accelerating faster than ever. There is no doubt that the demand for hospice and palliative care services will only continue to grow. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggest that from 2012-2030, palliative care will be utilized by one million more people than in the previous decade, resulting in a 43 percent jump in demand for care coordination. No community will be untouched, with urban and rural areas alike seeing greater utilization rates over time. For those entering the industry, seeing such a large spike in demand is hard to ignore. However, while independent hospice businesses for sale might come with a built-in client base, there is another (more robust, more trusted, and more option available — becoming an Interim Healthcare franchise owner.

The future of the hospice franchise business is found in adaptive home care.

The fastest-growing sector of healthcare is also one of the most underserved. As baby boomers age, the need for Hospice and Specialized Healthcare Services will rise to unprecedented levels. And at this very moment, the public perception and demand for specialized home care are already rising to unprecedented levels. In fact, 79% of seniors aged 65+ say their quality of life would be significantly better if they could receive healthcare at home as opposed to at a hospital or nursing facility if they needed it. While, also, 82% of Americans say if they needed medical and non-medical support services at home, they would prefer to receive services from a single company equipped to provide both versus multiple companies. It is for that reason that not every specialized home healthcare company serves as a hospice provider. – and in many ways, the best hospice businesses for sale often provide a variety of services, not just hospice care.

Interim HealthCare Advantage

Noting the importance of adaptability for Home-based clients, Interim HealthCare has taken charge of the trend by introducing its proprietary “Continuum of Care” service model. With this model, Interim HealthCare Franchise owners can care for clients and patients throughout the entirety of their lives. With over 82% of Amercian’s agreeing they’d rather receive both medical and non medical, hospice, and palliative care from the same company, Interim has empowered new franchise owners with a true competitive advantage over stand alone hospice and hospital businesses for sale. Think of it this way, hospice businesses will only know the patient at the end of their life… with Interim’s Continuum of Care model, franchise owners will serve families and loved ones at any point in their healthcare journey, building trust, and providing sincere peace of mind. 

Franchising offers support that standalone hospice businesses don’t.

Simply put, Patients are in need of specialized care more than ever and families are demanding personalized, quality care for their loved ones. To meet this call, professionals are looking for hospice businesses that are listed for sale. – But with endless licensure standards, expensive regulatory fees, limited client-side relationships, and a business model that is only as good as the prior operator, these same professionals are seriously considering leaning into franchising with Interim HealthCare’s hospice business model instead. 

Invest in Your Interim HealthCare Hospice Franchise Today!

By providing the quality of care that can only come with 57 years in the industry, an affordable franchise purchasing price, the power of a trusted household name, and unmatched support, Interim HealthCare has provided professionals, families, and patients, with a trusted business designed to support them. With trust in healthcare more unstable than ever, and more seniors aging (leaving their loved ones scrambling for an answer), new business owners are rushing to launch their own Interim HealthCare Business. In doing so, they answer a desperate call for help and find purpose as both a lucrative business owner and a trusted healthcare provider for the most vulnerable among us. Their only regret? They hadn’t done it sooner.


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