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Home Healthcare, Franchise Opportunities, and Our National Campaign to Grow the Recruiting Pipeline

Posted: 12/20/2021 03:13 PM by Interim Franchise

Did you know Interim HealthCare is working to strengthen the future of homecare? Our home healthcare franchise opportunities are just a part of how we’re helping people from all professional backgrounds build rewarding careers in the healthcare field.

Calling All Ex-Changers, Difference Makers, Lane Changers, and Balance Seekers

Although Interim’s latest recruiting initiative, “Made for This,” is designed to attract people of all stripes to join the healthcare workforce, the campaign specifically targets four different groups of people:

  • Adjacent Industry Ex-Changers™: Do you work in a service-related industry and wish you could change careers? If you’re currently working or have previously worked in hospitality, food service, travel, or another service sector — and you’re looking to serve others more meaningfully — Interim wants to help you forge a new career path in healthcare. You don’t need professional experience, a degree, or a certification to take part; all you need is a compassionate nature and a drive to help others.
  • Difference Makers: Are you someone who people turn to in their moment of need? Are you determined to make a meaningful living by living a meaningful life? If so, a career in the healthcare industry may be perfect for you. Interim wants to help you start your career and connect you with professional opportunities that make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Healthcare Lane Changers™: Are you looking to use your professional healthcare experience in new ways? Do you want to develop additional skills to add to your portfolio? Many people in healthcare first entered the industry for the chance to interact with people, only to find that years later, they’re spending more time with paper than with people. Whether you want to get back to your original purpose or expand your skillset, we’re here to help you make the change.
  • Work-Life Balance Seeker: Do you miss having weekends and holidays off? Are your skills in such high demand that you’re working more now than ever? Whether you’re a therapist, a registered nurse, a nursing assistant, or something else, if you’re yearning for a more flexible schedule and some new challenges, Interim wants to help you.

Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunities

Our “Made for This” campaign is just another way Interim HealthCare is working to expand healthcare’s workforce through professional training and support. Of course, we’re also working to ensure a healthy and sustainable healthcare industry by helping people from all professional backgrounds open thriving home and hospice care businesses, too. And we back that commitment by providing comprehensive training and support to every one of our more than 300 franchisees.

Want to start a home care business but aren’t sure you’re qualified? Well, we think you’re made for this! Find out how Interim can help you start your own business in the healthcare industry.

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