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Hiring the right franchise employees is a challenge

Posted: 12/16/2015 08:29 AM by Interim Franchise

Retaining them is even more of a challenge.

Franchisees allocate major resources for hiring the right employee for the right position. But retaining employees is the key to any successful franchise. In order to reach a maximum customer satisfaction ranking you need continuity. Once employees are hired and trained your goal is to keep them. But this is often easier said than done.

One of the most common reason employees leave their jobs is that they don’t feel welcome by their employer. In order to retain an employee, a good franchise manager will spend time the first day personally welcoming the employee to the organization. There should also be an established onboarding agenda in place for the first several weeks. The manager will check in at the end of the first week to see if the employee has all the tools to do his or her job and make certain they are initially satisfied with their job. After 30 days the manager should review the employee’s performance and levels of engagement to see if the employee is well into the learning curve needs more training and is adapting to the culture of the organization. At 30 days, the owner and manager should both take a pulse to make certain the employee is feeling recognized and part of the team.

The following are a few tips to keep your retention percentages on track:

Show recognition. Feeling important, being valued and recognized for going the extra mile are some of the most important reasons employees stay in a position. Creating an “Employee of the Month” or other recognition based programs a are proven ways to show your employees that you care.

Treat your managers as if they are part of the executive team. If possible, you should consider sharing some of your company financial and operational information and encourage managers to meet and exceed projections. Put together a measurable and attainable bonus program that will encourage managers to work smarter and better.

Set and record your expectations for all company employees. Reinforce these goals in writing, put them on display and reiterate them during staff meetings and company updates. It is important that each employee has a clear understanding of your expectations, goals and objectives in order to achieve them.

Provide a benefit program that is financially feasible for your franchise but also attempts to provide coverage that satisfies the employees.  You should always know what other companies in your market are doing and try to be as competitive as possible.  Remember that benefits are important but research has shown they are not the singular most important benefit for most employees.

Take into consideration the employee work/life when scheduling. In order to successfully retain good employees, you must be flexible and understand the time restraints placed on them.

Develop career advancement opportunities for employees at all levels. It’s good to understand the goal of each employee and develop an appropriate career path. Look within the organization to fill a position when possible and encourage employees to apply.

A successful franchise is made up of productive, happy employees. It’s important to create an environment that’s productive and fun. An annual social event or pizza parties each quarter are great motivators and team building events. Always keep a pulse on your employee morale by asking the right questions. A task force of employees to give you feedback is excellent as well as the old-fashioned suggestion box. Last of all, always maintain an open door policy, closed doors are missed opportunities.  Reaching out and speaking to employees boosts morale, gives you peace of mind and helps grow your bottom line.

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