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Healthcare Franchise Ranks – The Best of the Best: Interim Healthcare

Posted: 9/13/2022 02:18 PM by Interim Franchise

Interim Healthcare is a healthcare franchise model designed for individuals who want to own their own business but don’t have the desire to start from scratch. Interim HealthCare boasts over 500 franchise locations, and as more professionals recognize the value of the best healthcare franchise in the country, that number is sure to grow! In this article, you’ll learn more about what sets Interim apart and sets up franchise owners for long-term success!

Best of the Best Franchise System

Interim Healthcare is the best of the best. Ranked by countless aggregators, Interim Franchising has the status, systems, and set up in place to earn its #1 Ranking every single day:

  • Best training: We have a comprehensive franchise training program for our franchisees that includes classroom training, hands-on work experience and mentoring by experienced franchisees. We literally teach you how to run your business from scratch.
  • Best technology: Interim Healthcare has two proprietary software systems designed specifically for staffing in healthcare settings—one for recruiting staff, one for managing payroll and benefits. The franchise support tools are integrated with other industry standard technology systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX or QuickBooks so you can access all your information in one place; this helps streamline operations even further because employees only need to log into one system rather than several different ones! Plus they make it easy to track employee productivity while they’re working at an assignment site too…which means more money saved over time!
  • Best marketing: Our proprietary marketing platform allows us access over 1000 content pieces that touch on various topics relevant today. Such topics include: health awareness programs​ and/or tips on effective care after a surgical procedure. Interim HealthCare also utilizes highly-automated paid ad strategies that help franchisees build a loyal client base quickly.

World Class Support for Home Healthcare Franchise

  • Interim Healthcare has a culture of growth, which means you will be supported and encouraged to grow your franchise business.
  • The community relations opportunities are endless, as there are many ways to get involved in the community with your business.
  • With world class business coaching that is not offered by any other franchise opportunity out there, you can expect your business to be successful right away!

Superior Corporate Leadership

When it comes to corporate leadership, Interim Healthcare is the best of the best. With a world-class management team and board of directors, Interim HealthCare offers its franchisees and employees some of the highest level training, support and resources in the industry. Interim HealthCare’s corporate leaders are all dedicated to providing franchise owners with everything necessary to succeed as an independent healthcare providers.

Three Revenue Streams

Providing a natural advantage, Interim provides prospective franchise owners with the opportunity to draw from three revenue streams. As independent operators, franchise owners receive “the best of both worlds.” They provide their clients with a customized solution for their care needs, blending in-home care services, staffing solutions and hospice care into one package that meets their unique needs and budgetary capabilities.

In addition to providing excellent client satisfaction, Interim HealthCare’s multi-faceted approach allows us to keep costs low for our clients while producing long-term savings.

Healthcare is a Recession Proof Industry

Healthcare is a necessity in our society. People will always need healthcare, and this means that it’s an industry that will always be growing no matter the broader economic situation. Healthcare has been shown to be recession proof because people are more likely to buy health insurance or go see a doctor when they feel financially secure.- but even when times are tough, people still need are. When you someone owns a healthcare franchise business, they typically do so knowing business will be generated on a continuous basis.

Interim HealthCare is a #1 Healthcare Franchise Model in the Country

Interim Healthcare is the number one healthcare franchise model in the country. Their proprietary business processes and staffing model have been proven successful by thousands of independent contract workers and hundreds of franchised locations across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand. Interim HealthCare is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing high quality temporary staffing services that improve patient care while reducing costs for healthcare facilities with interim staffing solutions.


Interim Healthcare is a franchise model that has been consistently ranked as the best in the country. It provides professionals with everything they need to run a successful business, from marketing assistance and training to access to a network of over 50,000 employees nationwide. If you want to start your own franchise but don’t have all the capital yet, Interim Healthcare can help. They offer financing options for franchisees who qualify through their financing partners. If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about then get started today by giving them a call or filling out their online form to set up an appointment. 

Interested in joining the Interim HealthCare Franchise System? Now is the time to learn more and invest in your future! Download our proprietary guide and speak to our experts today.


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