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Does the Healthcare Industry Really Have Potential for Profits?

Posted: 7/2/2019 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Family-oriented Americans are always worried about their aging relatives getting the attention they deserve. Some people will never have the time to take care of their family in their old age, which is where in-home healthcare franchise opportunities can help. Interim HealthCare knows that meeting those needs will never go away, and neither will the ability to obtain potential profit in the industry. For those wondering if the potential earnings in healthcare are sustainable, we’d like to lay out all the reasons we see no slowdown in demand for our services.

Industry Size Growing

There are plenty of statistics surrounding the healthcare industry that show its positive outlook. Numbers have shown that healthcare employment is expected to grow by nearly 26% in 2022. What this means for Interim HealthCare is that our industry is requiring such a demand that can only be matched by an influx of jobs. Specifically for in-home senior care, the industry thus far has gathered $11 billion in revenue and over the past five years grew by almost nine percent. This incredible growth is more than promising for the future of healthcare franchise opportunities and the potential benefit that comes from an investment. =

You’re Not Getting Any Younger

Statistics have been pointing to an increasing number of the population reaching an age where Interim HealthCare’s service is necessary. The service that our franchisees provide applies to a consumer past the age of 60 who requires personal in-home care. As technology and health services have gradually improved, the life-expectancy for our aging population has also risen. Between the time of 2012-2022, the number of people to surpass the age of 65 is projected to improve by around 40 percent. Based on that statistic, the growth in attention to healthcare will also climb due to the population’s needs. The increase in our consumers is rising faster than it ever has before, along with the market for our healthcare franchise opportunities. 

Growing Mental Diseases

Growing age is a key contributor to the development of our consumer base; attention to those experiencing an unexpected decline in mental ability is continually increasing the need for consistent in-home healthcare. Interim HealthCare’s service gives comfort that our seniors will have the attention they need in an environment they’ve established familiarity with. Based on the numbers surrounding this topic, the total lifetime cost for someone suffering from dementia is estimated to be over $340,000, with over 7.7 million new cases diagnosed every year.  Interim HealthCare’s franchise opportunities assist those suffering from those rising numbers, giving comfort to the loved ones emotionally committed to those seniors. As the number of those who require our services grows, so does the value of healthcare franchise opportunities that Interim HealthCare can provide. 

Find out more about Interim HealthCare franchise opportunities and how our temporary staff looks to alleviate the stress that surrounds senior healthcare by contacting us today.

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