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Do You Work Hard but Want to Earn More? Try an In-Home Care Franchise

Posted: 4/25/2019 08:45 AM by Interim Franchise

Starting an in-home care franchise is a great way to increase your earning potential. Since 1966, we’ve been refining our business model, learning the most efficient ways to operate our business while providing clients with the care they need to maximize their quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at a few scenarios in which Interim Healthcare franchise owners are able to earn more money when they partner with us.

An Affordable Franchise Investment

The total investment in an Interim Healthcare in-home care franchise starts at around $125k. This figure is relatively low compared to other franchises, because our owners provide services rather than products. They will, however, need to invest in a great location, marketing efforts, and hiring qualified staff. Once their doors are open, their operating costs are fairly low. Best of all, the investment includes our one-time initial franchise fee that helps offset the costs associated with training and onboarding. That means we can be there to show you the ropes and support you as you get your new business up and running. Entrepreneurs who start businesses from scratch won’t enjoy the confidence and security that these resources provide, and will often waste time and money trying to figure out the most efficient ways to get started.

Converting In-Home Care Franchises

If you already own an in-home care franchise and aren’t seeing the kind of growth you’d like, partnering with Interim Healthcare might be just what your business needs. Since 1966, we’ve established valuable vendor relationships that allow us access to supplies at a more competitive rate than other businesses. We’ve also fine-tuned our business model, allowing our franchisees to achieve the greatest amount of profit with the lowest possible expenses. Furthermore, we’re often able to access highly-trained service providers easier than independent operators thanks to the appeal of working for a national brand. Similarly, our brand name has allowed us to develop recognition in many parts of the country. Converting your business to an Interim Healthcare franchise might just bring you more attention from prospective customers in your area.

Starting a New Business

If you’re coming from a corporate job, chances are you work on a set hourly or salaried rate. While you might receive raises periodically, chances are you rarely enjoy the fruits of your labors. When you open Interim Healthcare in-home care franchise, however,  you’ll be the owner of your own business. When that business performs well, you’ll be able to enjoy the lion’s share of the profits. We want you to reach a point where your business thrives, and to accomplish that, we’ll be there every step of the way to provide you with ongoing training, support, and feedback to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Want to learn more about the earning potential of an Interim Healthcare in-home care franchise? Contact us today!