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COVID-19’s Impact on Home Care Franchises

Posted: 6/9/2020 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

COVID-19 has certainly led our society into an unprecedented time of uncertainty. There are still plenty of questions that have been left unanswered, and it seems like it will still be some time before we know how to prevent coronavirus on a large scale. This experience has taught us that it’s always important to protect the people most vulnerable —  home care franchises,  like Interim HealthCare, can certainly help. Take a look at how we believe coronavirus has impacted the demand for home care providers, such as Interim HealthCare, and why it’s important to partner with a trusted team.


Undivided Attention

One of the major benefits of our home care services is that our clients know when a member of our team walks through the door, satisfying their needs is our top priority. Interim HealthCare’s team of home care professionals create meaningful relationships with the people we serve, which is what has made our experience special since 1966. Our franchisees will provide our clients with the help they need, while also creating a far more personal experience than other home healthcare companies might be able to provide. Our nation’s healthcare workers are trying to prevent coronavirus from spreading despite the overwhelming number of cases that are walking through hospital doors. By taking advantage of Interim Healthcare’s services, our clients will be granted the peace of mind that they’re getting the attention they deserve. 


Home Represents Safety

We all want to make sure that our loved ones are staying safe during this time, and right now that means staying home is crucial. Even before this crisis, a major benefit of our services has been keeping our clients in the comfort of their own home. A member of the Interim HealthCare team can manage shopping and errands for them. 

By training our employees on COVID-19 and infection control, the families of our clients will feel far less stressed about highly-contagious viruses being brought to their loved one’s homes. Our team will also disinfect and clean any potential hot-spots where germs quickly spread. While plenty of people are eager to reopen the economy, experts have said that the virus might be with us for far longer than we might think. Therefore, the home care industry will be important in keeping our most vulnerable population at home. 


Greater Expectations of Home Care Providers

Another impact that COVID-19 may have on our society is the expectation of what a home care provider should be. Our future clients and their families will most likely have far more questions about services, regulations, and procedures — and rightfully so! At Interim HealthCare, we make sure that we check every box. Our employees are trained on emergency preparedness plans, our team is keeping a close eye on updates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and are complying to federal, state, and local guidelines. Interim HealthCare has created a strong reputation for putting our clients’ best interest first, and by partnering with our home care franchise, you will benefit from that standard of excellence. Educating our staff members and franchise owners on what we can do to ensure the safety of our clients has been made a top priority. Once COVID-19 has passed, we will continue to bring an industry-leading approach to safer hospice and home care.

Would you like to learn more about our home care franchises or what we are doing to prevent coronavirus from spreading to our clients? Contact us today.