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Home Care vs. Hospice Care Franchise: Which Investment is Right for You?

Posted: 9/22/2020 08:39 AM by Interim Franchise

If you’re interested in the costs to open a senior care franchise, or the differences between home and hospice care franchises, keep reading. Interim HealthCare offers both of these franchise models, and we’ve developed comprehensive investment breakdowns to help you make an informed decision. We’ll explore some of the key points, here. 

Investing in a Home Care Franchise

Our home care franchises provide vital services to senior citizens who need extra support right in their own homes. These services could range from help around the house a few times a week to round-the- clock care. Seniors who benefit from our home care franchises sometimes suffer from dementia. Others simply struggle with the physical demands of daily tasks. Our franchisees develop unique plans for every client to meet their specific needs and provide them (and their families) with peace of mind. 

The total costs to open a senior care franchise with Interim HealthCare will likely range from $125,000 to $198,500. These costs include just about everything you’ll need to start your new business, including the one-time franchise fee of $50K, working capital, use of the Interim HealthCare brand name and proprietary resources, and much more. 

Investing in a Hospice Care Franchise

Interim HealthCare hospice franchises provide palliative care to seniors who are likely close to the end of their lives. These services are often directed toward seniors who are living with a serious illness, and are designed to help them live as comfortably as possible. Our care providers understand that great hospice care is about physical and spiritual well-being, and create positive environments for clients and their families. 

The total costs to start a hospice care franchise should range from $389,250 to $477,000. Like our home care franchise investment, these costs cover virtually everything it takes to get started, from the one-time franchise fee of $60K, to working capital, and more. 

Multi-Unit Opportunities Available

One of the best parts of franchising with Interim HealthCare is that it’s possible to open both home care and hospice care franchises, making your services available to virtually the entire senior population of your community. Our franchisees are free to start with one franchise model and incorporate the other over time, or open both home and hospice care franchises simultaneously.

Whichever path you choose, you can count on our team to be there to support you. We’ve opened hundreds of franchises since 1966, and we know what it takes to grow a senior care business. We’ll provide you with guidance as you run your business, helping you set and achieve goals, answering your questions, and helping you overcome obstacles. 

Contact us today for more details on the costs to open a senior care franchise with Interim HealthCare!

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