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August Playbook: Interim HealthCare Franchising Roars Through Summer

Posted: 8/16/2022 04:35 PM by Interim Franchise

Interim HealthCare Franchising has once again ranked #1 in the list of fastest-growing franchises. The company is an industry leader in providing temporary health care staffing and occupational therapy services, and its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Interim HealthCare Franchising, Inc. (IHC), a leading provider of senior care services including home healthcare and nursing, announced today that it has been named the top franchise for 2019 by Franchise Times magazine.

The company ranked #1 in both its category and the overall ranking of all global healthcare franchisors. – this 2022 distinction marks the 5th year in a row as #1 in Category.

Interim HealthCare Franchise is the premiere franchise in home healthcare, senior care, staffing, and specialized non-medical care.

Interim HealthCare is the premiere revenue-producing healthcare franchise network. With over 500 locations, Interim HealthCare Franchise is the number one global healthcare franchise based on revenue and growth.

Interim was ranked the #1 Global Franchise by Entrepreneur; #22 Overall.

Interim HealthCare Franchise cares about the quality of care to seniors and is committed to delivering an exceptional level of service.

When you join Interim HealthCare, you’re encouraged to focus on the needs of seniors. We want our franchisees to be engaged members of the community, helping residents stay in their homes longer and providing support for families who are worried about caring for their sick loved ones.

In addition to providing quality care and excellent service to seniors in need, we also work hard to ensure that our franchisees have a great experience with us. Our goal is not just to make money—it’s also about supporting locally owned businesses and giving people an opportunity they might not otherwise have.

Superior Revenue Growth and Recession-Protection in the HealthCare Industry

As a leader in the health care industry, Interim HealthCare has continued to maintain its #1 spot as the most successful temporary staffing company.

The healthcare industry is booming, and the demand for skilled professionals is growing at a rapid pace. With an interim franchising business model, you can tap into this growth opportunity by leveraging the skills of others who are already in the field. – And now is the time to make the move. Interim HealthCare ownership has two immediate benefits:

1. Recession Proof: The healthcare industry is one of the few industries that is recession-proof. This means that even if the economy dips, people will still need to get their health care needs met. This also means that there will always be a demand for your services as an interim healthcare professional.

2. High Demand: As more people get health insurance coverage through Obamacare and other programs, there will be an increase in demand for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. In addition to this high demand for services comes higher costs associated with hiring these professionals full-time; hiring them on an interim basis allows you to avoid some of these costs while still providing quality service to your clients. At [company name], we have been able to provide our clients with quality service at affordable prices because we are able to leverage other professionals’ skills instead of having each client hire someone full-time.

These franchisees are succeeding.

If you’re considering your options, here are four reasons why Interim Healthcare is the right choice:

  • Interim’s business model has been proven to work. The company has operated as a franchisor for over for over 57 years. In that time, Interim has built up a power-house brand and househol reputation in the home health care industry—and it continues to grow every year thanks to our dedicated franchisees.
  • The team at Interim is experienced—and they’re ready to help with any questions or concerns along the way! We have a leadership team that knows what they’re doing when it comes to running successful business units across North America; as part of this team, you’ll have access to their knowledge and resources throughout your journey as an Interim franchisee owner!
  • With so many people choosing us as their first choice for senior care services (or second), we’ve built up an impressive network of franchisees who can offer helpful advice about starting out on your own journey toward success through franchising with us.”


The July playbook is in, and Interim HealthCare Franchising continues to dominate the top spot in-category with an impressive number of franchises. In fact, they’re the only franchisor on this list that offers a comprehensive array of services to their clients, including home health care, hospice and more—all under one roof. This means their franchisees can focus on providing quality care for their customers instead of worrying about getting it all done themselves. Plus, since they have locations all over the country (and beyond), there are plenty of opportunities available for those who want to join this growing industry!

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