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Interim HealthCare: 3 Clients Our Home Care Services Franchise Serves

Posted: 1/19/2021 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

The home care services franchise industry is seeing an increase in both support and demand going into 2021. With all the different services spotlighted and policies introduced to expand Medicare coverage, it’s critical to have an understanding of the home care services individual franchises are offering before entering into a commitment with one. Interim HealthCare provides a wide range of home health services, from pediatric care to end-of-life hospice care. The three main categories of clients that Interim HealthCare franchise services are those who need general home care, those who need specialized home care, and those who need hospice care. Continue reading to learn more about the types of clients serviced by Interim HealthCare.

General Home Care Clients 

Interim HealthCare provides non-medical care for the elderly with our Senior Care program. Our caregivers assist their elderly clients with tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, meal preparation, transportation needs, and medication reminders. 

The home nursing part of our home care services franchise provides licensed and registered nursing practitioners to monitor the health of their clients and perform services that require the skills of a nurse and include taking vital signs, administering medication, managing IVs, giving injections, and managing tubes, drains, and bags.  

Another general home care service Interim HealthCare offers is in-home therapies. From physical therapy to occupational and speech therapies, we ensure patients get the resources they need for rehabilitation and independence. 

Many of the items in general home care that we offer provide respite for family and friends who are caregivers. Respite care is a critical service because it helps give family caregivers a break and relieves them from the daily stresses of caregiving, which is beneficial for everyone involved.  

Specialized Home Care Clients

Interim HealthCare’s home care services franchise doesn’t just offer general home care services. We also employ the services of skilled and trained experts in specialized areas. 

Some of the areas we offer specialized care in are: Dementia, arthritis, congestive heart failure, Huntington’s disease, hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, COPD, joint replacement, mental health, depression, as well as, multiple sclerosis, palliative care, paraplegia, quadriplegia, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric care, traumatic brain injury, ventilator care, wound care, and veterans’ care.  

Hospice Care Clients                                                       

A different type of care that the Interim home care services franchise provides is end-of-life or hospice care.  Not only do our highly trained professionals focus on the physical comfort of the individual under hospice care, but we also focus on their emotional and spiritual needs as well. We do this by providing therapists and counseling, pet therapies, medical social work, and pastoral care.  

Additionally, we provide support for family members of our hospice care clients by providing training and education, so they are as prepared as possible. We also offer family members of hospice clients a bereavement and grief support program; that can continue for up to 13 months after the loss of their loved one.

Now that you have learned about all the different types of clients we serve, it’s time to contact us and get started on the next steps to make a difference in peoples’ lives by opening your very own Interim home care services franchise.