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3 Reasons Clients Choose an In-Home Care Franchise

Posted: 11/3/2020 08:00 AM by Interim Franchise

Are you interested in opening an in-home care franchise, but wondering why clients might prefer in-home care? There are several factors one considers when making decisions about health care and living assistance. Three of the biggest factors people usually consider are cost, maintaining independence, and personalized care. When you partner with Interim HealthCare, you are provided with expert tools and resources to increase your potential to satisfy client demand in these areas. Read on to see why an Interim HealthCare franchise may be the best option for you and your client base.

1. Cost

In today’s healthcare landscape, placing a loved one in a nursing home or long-term facility can be quite expensive, and many clients who need care for their loved ones are unable to take on such a financial burden. This leads them to seek out other options, such as in-home care. Interim HealthCare works with our owner partners to provide clients with high-quality care and resources for both their business and their patients. In some cases, Medicare will cover clients’ in-home healthcare costs.

For those responsible for their loved one’s basic care needs, we can alleviate the necessities of shopping, errands, meal preparation, mobility assistance, etc. This can help strike a balance between retaining a steady source of income and keeping a focus on personal well-being. An in-home care franchise like Interim HealthCare provides a more affordable way to do so and ensures that loved ones are safe without the full and hefty financial commitment of moving them into an assisted living center.

2. Independence

For many families and individuals, maintaining independence for as long as possible is extremely important. When someone needs help due to age, disability, illness, or recovery, it is often not necessary for them to be in a hospital setting. In fact, moving from the home to a hospital inpatient environment can sometimes do more harm than good. It can slow recovery, introduce the vulnerable to additional illness or infection, increase levels of stress and anxiety, and decrease motivation.

When you partner with Interim HealthCare, you become part of a solution to the negative effects a hospital or nursing home setting can have on clients. Many are seeking assistance in transitioning back to the home from a facility, and an in-home care franchise like Interim is a valuable resource for many to make the transition smoother.

With an increase in the senior population and the desire by many to age at home, Interim HealthCare’s over 50 years of experience in the home healthcare industry and strong brand recognition is positioned to be one of the best in-home care franchise options.

3. Personal Approach

Good health care is not just about vital signs and physical safety. Clients need to know that the care they receive is personal, compassionate, and empowering. At Interim HealthCare, we provide a standard of care that covers not only physical but emotional and social needs of our clients, as well. Our business model allows you to tailor services to the needs of individual clients, facilitating trust and fostering relationships that are beneficial to both clients and staff.

A big factor in deciding on in-home care is that personal, individualized care. We provide expert advice and comprehensive training to our owner partners in order to support the community reputation of their in-home care franchise.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits and rewards of partnering with Interim HealthCare.