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About Interim HealthCare

As the nation’s first healthcare franchise company, Interim HealthCare's locally owned and operated medical and non-medical home care, hospice and medical staffing franchises have become a trusted source of care and services. Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare Inc. has a network of franchisees who operate with a system that has been developed over time with input from professionals with decades of experience in all aspects of the healthcare business.  Interim is the only homecare franchise model that supports services across the entire continuum of care with two exceptional franchise offerings - homecare/staffing and hospice.

In reading through the history of Interim HealthCare Inc. you’ll find an innovative company built on the commitment and dedication of homecare, healthcare staffing and hospice franchisees who have made valuable contributions to the communities they serve. As Co-founder Al Sorensen says, "When you have franchisees who have been in the system more than 30 years and are second and third generation owners, it means you must be doing something right."

Interim HealthCare in the United States is unique in combining the commitment of local ownership with the support of a national organization that develops innovative programs and quality standards that improve the delivery of service. Franchisees employ nurses, therapists, aides, social workers, companions and other healthcare professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care service to 190,000 people each year, meeting a variety of home health, senior care, hospice, palliative care, pediatric care and healthcare staffing needs.

Interim HealthCare Inc. is part of Caring Brands International, which also includes UK-based Bluebird Care and Australia-based Just Better Care, both well-known franchise brands in their countries.  With more than 530 franchise locations in seven countries Caring Brands International is a global health care leader.

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David Haslup - Franchisee

"My decision to become an Interim Health Care and Hospice franchisee was predicated on the idea that I could be successful in business at the same time providing needed services to the community. "

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Jim Landwehr - Franchisee

"The Interim Health Care brand represents 50 years of success, adaptability and leadership. I was surprised by the level of support that came from the franchisor as well as from fellow franchisees."

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Lou Byrd - Franchisee

"Making a difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding part of being a part of the Interim network. We take care of a lot of people every day and they couldn’t take care of themselves. We have employees who are not just employees and not just here for a job."

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Robin Palmieri - Franchisee

"My hopes and dreams for joining this organization was that I had been a nurse for thirty-some years and I didn’t want to go back to the conventional way of working to support my children through college."

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Tom DiMarco - Franchisee

"I started in 1984, when we had four locations. We have 60 locations now, and we’re in five states. We employ 8,000 people and we provide care for 25,000 clients per year. Last year we provided 5 million hours of service. They are statistics, yes, but it really is what we do and what we’re all about."

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About Interim HealthCare

Interim HealthCare®, founded in 1966, is the leading home care, hospice and medical staffing company. Interim’s more than 300 independently owned and operated franchise locations provide a variety of home health, senior care, hospice, palliative care, pediatric care and healthcare staffing services. Franchisees employ nurses, therapists, aides, companions and other healthcare professionals who provide 25 million hours of home care service to 190,000 people each year.


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