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Home Care and Hospice Franchisee Testimonials

David Haslup - Franchisee

"My decision to become an Interim Health Care and Hospice franchisee was predicated on the idea that I could be successful in business at the same time providing needed services to the community. "

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Jim Landwehr - Franchisee

"The Interim Health Care brand represents 50 years of success, adaptability and leadership. I was surprised by the level of support that came from the franchisor as well as from fellow franchisees."

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Lou Byrd - Franchisee

"Making a difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding part of being a part of the Interim network. We take care of a lot of people every day and they couldn’t take care of themselves. We have employees who are not just employees and not just here for a job."

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Robin Palmieri - Franchisee

"My hopes and dreams for joining this organization was that I had been a nurse for thirty-some years and I didn’t want to go back to the conventional way of working to support my children through college."

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Tom DiMarco - Franchisee

"I started in 1984, when we had four locations. We have 60 locations now, and we’re in five states. We employ 8,000 people and we provide care for 25,000 clients per year. Last year we provided 5 million hours of service. They are statistics, yes, but it really is what we do and what we’re all about."

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